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A huge number of people turned as professional blogger in India, thanks to one another inspiration and here are the professional bloggers living in the subcontinent. We have gone through UK, USA famous bloggers.Indian BloggersIndian Bloggers

India Bloggers List

Indian Tech Bloggers

The Following are the India bloggers who mostly write about tech news, blogging guide, software reviews –

Amit Agarwal :
You can say technology blogging started with Amit Agarwal in Sub Continent (India) region. He is so famous that even a newbie has heard his name and I am ardent follower of his writing.

Raju PP : TechPP
Raju PP is among the top 10 highest Adsense earners from India. His site generates one Million Page Views per Month.

Jaspal Singh : SaveDelete
Jaspal Singh is also among the top 10 highest Adsense money makers from India. His site also generates one Million Page Views per Month.

Prabhu Desai :
Prabhu Desai also gets featured among the top 10 highest Adsense earners from India.

Varun Krish :
Varun Krish with his team of members handles one of the most followed mobile phone news & updates blog in India.

Gaurav Shukla :
Gaurav Shukla provides Android mobile phone news, updates, reviews & rumors on his blog named as

Gogi Rana :
Gogi Rana is always on top to come out with mobile phone reviews, hands-on, latest mobile phone news, tablet reviews and everything related t mobile & tablet PCs at his blog named

Harsh Agarwal : ShoutMeLoud
Harsh Agarwal is the owner of ShoutMeLoud website and he writes on Blogging, Social media, WordPress, SEO, Technology and Make money online.

Clinton Jeff : UnleashThePhone
Clinton Jeff is the owner of UnleashThePhone hails from Delhi. He mostly writes on the smart phone news, updates and devices reviews.

Rakesh Kumar :
Rakesh Kumar calls himself as Serial Niche Blogger and SEO guy. He provides blogging tips, SEO guide on his Binary Note blog.

Pankaj Gupta :
With Pankaj Gupta defines himself as technical blogger. He writes on SEO, Blogger, WordPress and Technology on his blog and recently started a site called

Amit Bhawani :
Amit is the name famous in the world of blogging especially in India. He owns many active web sites, blogs and most of them are the technology blogs.

Chetan Bhawani : ChetanBhawani
Chetan Bhawani is another blogger from Hyderabad who write on various blogs mostly writes on mobile phone reviews, iOS and medicine, entertainment, movies and lot more.

S Pradeep Kumar :
S Pradeep Kumar blogs at providing tips on blogging, various tutorials, product reviews, security tips, ethical hacks and technology news.

Sudipto P. Mahato :
Sudipto Mahato is a tech enthusiatic and by profession he is trades in international exchanges. He also loves programming, software collection and a hacker as well. At his blog share tips on blogging.

Pubudu Kodikara :
Pubudu Kodikara on his tech blog writes about Goodies, News, Reviews, Softwares, tips, tricks and tutorials.

Rajana Balana :
Rajana Balana is a blogger from Jalandhar he writes on technology and WordPress tips and tricks.

Vishal Gaikar manages where he provides day to day tech updates, gadget reviews and comparison.

Srivathsan GK :
Srivathsan GK’s is an technology blog providing tips on social media, internet apps, technology tips and exclusive guide. He hails from Madras.

Shalu Sharma :
Shalu Sharma an Indian Woman blogger on his blog provides information about India covering various niche like travel, information and things that she come across.

Garva Sharma :

Garva Sharma at his blog named NXT Tech provides tips on Android phones & tablets.

Sanjeev Mishra :
Sanjeev Mishra scribbles on his tech blog named ClickonF5 providing refreshing technology tips, news, internet, web, apps and lot more.

Saksham Talwar :
Blogging since 3 years Saksham Talwar provides tips on web technologies, sites, tool and others. Through this blog he generally promotes affiliate links to earn income apart from Google Adsense.

Shivendu Madhava :
Shivendu Madhava blogs at He writes on every topic that he comes across, be it mobile, hotels, gadgets or tools but the blog looks more inclined towards technology niche.

Nirmal :

Nirmal hailing from Kochi but currently living in Mangalore, is a Civil engineer but passion of blogging drove him to become full time blogger in 2005. Nirmal TV blog is famous to provide tips and tricks mostly on tech niche.

Ashish Mohta :

Ashish Mohta solves day to day problems of person who uses PC. He is expert in Windows 7, Vista and Microsoft Office.

Gaurav Gahlyan :

Gaurav Gahlyan provides blogging tips, tricks, mobile phone news, updates, tablet PC news on his blog.

Achin Jain :

Another blogger who covers up the recent mobile phone launches, tech tips, tutorial and guide.

Radha Krishna Reddy :
Techzene owned by Radha Krishna Reddy scribbles on the computer troubleshooting and he says ‘Technology is beautiful’.

Pankaj Biswas blog is more like a personal blog where he share his experience. Mostly its related to online, web, tools, designs, hosting and lot more.

Harshad Ghodke :
Harshad Ghodke on his blog posts on how does he make money online via blog or affiliate marketing. His blog averages 1 post per week.

Suresh Kumar :
Suresh Kumar share tips & news of Mac, iOS, Android, Windows and he write online tips, games, software reviews as well.

Kamal Hasa :
Kamal Hasa at writes reviews on interesting websites, games, social media tips, free download software, ebooks, How to guide and useful tips.

Amit Shaw :
Amit Shaw is a pro blogger and at his blog iTechCode he provides tips on computers, mobile, web, blogging, Internet Surfing and its among the very well read blog.

Harshit SinghalExceptional Blogger &
Harshit Singhal is a tech enthusiastic and pro blogger and he writes on how to make money online, blogging, affiliate marketing.

Jitesh Golecha : site provides tips on Apple, Android, Windows, Gadgets, web, ethical hacking and general business. One site too many niche expertise is what Jitesh Golecha.

Abhijeet Mukherjee :
Abhijeet Mukherjee is the Founder and the Editor at which provides tips on Computer, Internet, Mobile Phone reviews, guide, tutorials and tablet PCs. It was started in 2010 and it’s among the top 200 blogs in India.

Srikanth Rao :
Srikanth Rao at his blog provides PC Tricks, Tweaks and hacks on the

Irfan Siddiqui :
Irfan Siddiqui in his day to day life writes on his personal blog sharing computer tricks and tips, how to guide, blogging tips and lot more. He hails from Chhattisgarh, India.

Bimal Roy :
Bimal Roy says his tech blog named is one of the fastest growing technology blog. His team consists of Ayush Chand, Abhishek Shukla, Ayyappan T J, Mark, Gokul Mohandas and they writes on technology, mobile, smart phone reviews, gadgets, tools and widgets.

Ayush Chand :
Ayush Chand a 16 years old young Indian blogger providing various guide on Unlimited He writes on Android OS, mobile gaming, smart phones and lot more.

Plaban Manna :
Plaban Manna on his blog Web Advices provides tips on what the domain name says. He writes on technology, gadgets, electronics, online, giveaway, software reviews and lot more.
Dinesh a part time bloggers has gain exposure by following owned by Harsh. As the blog name itself indicates, he shows up simple steps to make money online as a part time blogger.

Amit Verma :
Amit Verma on his company site SEO Vigyan has a column for WordPress blog and he writes only on SEO tips and tricks.

Yashraj Kakkad :

Yashraj Kakkad from Vapi on his blog provides blogging, Windows, Android and complete tech tips.

Gautham A S :

He generally provides blogging tips, make money online tips on his blog called

Pavan Deshpande:

M Nirmal Anandh :  ClassicBlogger

Muhammad Saleem : Coreblogtips

Chetan Thimmappa :

Gourav Jain :


Raheel Mushtaq : Ask Pro Blogger




sangram barge

Prince Ramgarhia


Nizam Khan


Mohammed Anzil


Adesanmi Adedotun


Bhavesh Sondagar

vijay kudal

Vineet Gupta


Avnish Gautam


Jagannath Nayak

Kamal Bhatt

Pulkit Sharma



Sanjit Chohan

Aassif Billah


Deepak patel

Idris Bhavnagarwala



Sameer Sumdarshi

Hemang Shah




Vikas Bhatt :

India’s Doctor Bloggers, Medicine, Doctors, Surgeons Bloggers

The following are the best Doctor bloggers in India –

One among the top medical blogs in India.

Dr. Subrahmanyam Karuturi:

Dr. Subrahmanyam Karuturi writes about random musings of the dotcom doctor

Prahalathan writes about issues, concerns and news about Indian medical.

Dr Prabhat:
Dr Prabhat on his blogs writes about Homeopathy medicines and everything about homeo treatment. He writes on his blog in Hindi.

Jeevan Kuruvilla:
He works from a remote area in Jharkhand.

India’s Best Mommy Bloggers

Mad Momma :
She write about her life, special moments, achievement, discoveries and many more thing which hold her interest.

She writes about her son, husband, friends, her hopes and her own evolution as a spiritual parent.

She writes about her Daughter, Son and the works or the task performed with them.

Boo clearly her not full name, she writes about her experiences as a mother and other Indian Mommies.

Kiran Manral writes about her son, Brat and the feeling as a mother.

This blog gives information about parenthood, childhood and other interesting aspects of life.

Gauri Venkitaraman writes about her life.

Neera dedicated her blog totally to her family, kids and the daily happening of her life.

Parul sharma writes about her tours, cooking, family and other memories of her life.

Riti Kaunteya:
She writes about her twins babies and significant moments of her life.

Sunita Thomas:
She writes about her children, family,  interests and opinions on many more things than just my family.
She say about her adventures in the past and the wish list of her future, analysis of the present.

She say about her family and happy time spend with the family such as tours, celebrations and many other events.

Yashodhara Lal:
Yashodhara Lal, the author of a book “Just Married, Please Excuse” and the a blogger.

She writes about motherhood and the required suggestions and advices for the upcoming mommies.

Revathi writes for newspapers, magazines, financial websites and other children online magazine for Chennai kids.

Aparna Rajesh:
She writes about her relationship with her child and the exciting thing happens in everyday life.

Kalpana Behara:
Kalpana Behara is interested in writing about her family, cartoons she draws, impulsive adventures, her love story and many more events.

 Manasi Vaidya:
In her blog she describes about her motherhood and celebrating the special moments of life.

Indian Travel Bloggers

India is a famous tourist destination. Check out the famous travel bloggers who write about India’s place to visit, tourism destination & everything related to travel –

Ajay Jain :
Ajay Jain at his blog named Kunzum provides great holidays lists, travel ideas, hotel reviews and travel tips.

Priyank Thate :
Priyank at his blog named Priyank gives out insights on places that he travels, photos galleries and personal travel stories.

Prashanth M :
Although Prashanth is a part time blogger, he never misses weekend travels, trekking, motor biking and amateur travel photography.

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India’s Fashion Bloggers

Wanna stay updated with latest fashion, fashion news, style, these blogs might be helpful –

Payal & Priyanka:

Both Payal and Priyanka goes high on heel and provides Bollywood fashion tips, Sari styles, India’s modeling updates and desi India fashion.

Gia Kashyap: &

Gia Kashyap hailing from Mumbai, at her fashion and & style blog writes about fashion, DIYs tips and makeup guide.

India’s Best eCommerce Sites

Check the India’s best eCommerce Sites –

Flipkart :

Flipkart is the #1 eCommerce site not only to purchase electronics good but also several apparels, :

Amazon launched to compete with Flipkart locally in India.


Amazon first came up with but soon they launched for various products sale.

HomeShop18 :

Jabong :

Myntra :

Yebhi :

Snapdeal :

IndiaPlaza :  IndiaPlaza

ShopClues : : :

IndiaTimes Shopping : :

Apart from having local stores India wide, Big C has also set up online store as well. They only sale electronics products like mobile phones, tablet PCs. :

Sangeetha Mobiles started with local store but they have also set up online store after when Flipkart became #1. They are limited for sale of mobiles phones only.

India’s Best Developer Bloggers

Sahil Sharma:
As a developer, Sahil Sharma provides programming, web development tips at his blog.

Arpit Jacob:

Arpit at his blog provides tips on software’s reviews, downloads, how to guide, gadget and general news.

Neeraj Mishra

India’s Best Entertainment Sites

Find here the 10 best India based entertainment sites –

Santa Banta :

Santa Banta is a popular site since years covering Bollywood news, actor & actress wallpapers, update, SMS collections and lot more.

Bollywood Daily :

Bollywood Daily is one of the best Bollywood news, update website.

BollyOne :

BollyOne is yet another popular website for Bollywood news, update, trailer, songs, wallpapers and other info.