14 Widely Popular & The Best Reddit Alternatives 2024

Best Reddit Alternatives try nowBest Reddit Alternatives try now

Best Reddit Alternatives 2024: With over 390 million posts, 56 billion upvotes and more than 1 billion comments, Reddit is among the most popular social bookmarking website that is being in action for past 10 years.

Best Reddit Alternatives:

However Reddit holds a large number of users and posts but there are globally many other alternatives available for this site. These sites are too potentially good and must be given a serious try. However PayPal is now cut off from Reddit giving way to other sites to grow fast.

Below is the list of most perfect alternatives to Reddit


Started working from April 2014, Voat.co is among the strong media aggregator site which mainly features the content that is user- posted. This is the most preferred site and best alternate to Reddit.

On registering in less than a minute, it must be given a try.

Alexa Rank – 5479

Top Demographics

  • United States – 41%
  • India – 11%
  • Canada – 9.3$

Voat.co Review:

We have been using it for a long time and they are very much peculiar about the type of posts that users do. They don’t allow SPAM and even continuous posting from one site to is banned.


Launched in 2010, this is among the very simple website. That is a community focussing mainly on thoughtful information and conversation. Surprisingly it has no tough rules on what is allowed or not. Here the guidelines are so clear that you will get a general idea about the intention of the site.

If you desire to be popular here, then use hashtags for the purpose. A simple registration is too required.

Alexa Rank – 143,000

Top Demographics

  • India – 43%
  • United States – 19%
  • United Kingdom – 12%
  • Turkey – 9%

Hubski Review

Hubski is first and foremost a community for thoughtful discussion. After you have meaningfully interacted in community discussions for a while, you will be granted the ability to post. That means that interact first and then get the rights to post in Hubski.


With the easy process of registration, 3 Tags offers a special feature of connecting, posting, and discovering the person or thing you like the most. This principle and that of Reddit are the same.

However, this site is not so popular but must be checked even once.

Alexa Rank – 118,000

Countries by Visitor

  • India – 54 %
  • USA – 17%


PushdUp is basically a news site and targets mainly quality articles. The article gets the top position only if it contains the appropriate and nicely written text.

If your article is of great quality then no one can cheat you like the concept of downvoting is omitted here. Here everyone shares an equal opportunity to share their good articles.

So if you have extraordinary skills then this is the best place.


If you desire to discuss or vote for the current events, share a wide variety of images or create your own content of your favorite topic then Qetzl is the right place.

Just after simply registering to it, you can post your links and images but the matter must be good.

Alexa Rank – 21,00,000

Top Demographics

  • India – 21 %


Another entry in the list is Aether. Originally this is not a website instead it is an app. It can be used by Windows, Linux, and Mac. It uses a peer-to-peer network and personal identity is not shown. It is operated by a simple tally of up-votes as well as downvotes.

With true democracy, no one is privileged here. Everyone is treated equally with no special preference.


Pusha is a popular Swedish website, the best Swedish Reddit alternative.

Link: Pusha.se

Other Top Reddit Alternatives

Other possible alternatives are –

These were the best Reddit alternatives.

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