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Blog comments sites listBlog comments sites list

We go through best of most commented blogs in the blogosphere to know which bloggers are most followed.

Blogger always provide useful stuff to the people through their blog and its possible that you get comments for appreciation and help too. While comments have become an integral part of blogs, not many bloggers are able to attract readers and there can be hundred reasons for it. Comments on a blog shows us that how trusted is the information on the page.

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Mentioned here is the list of blogs where people usually comments more than other blogs –

John Chow

John Chow writes on internet marketing, ramblings and maximum its full of guest posts. His blog is full of comments as soon as he gets a new post because he provides a wonderful guide.

Alexa Rank – 8,746
Google Page Rank – 5 / 10

Ask Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor answers questions on a wide variety of technical topics and online adverting and lot more.

Alexa Rank – 21,746
Google Page Rank – 6 / 10

Zac Johnson

He provides great tips for affiliate marketing and other web help tips.


He applies his marketing strategies and put it on his blog with experience too. Receive good comments too.

Retire at 21

Amazing and inspiring blog to make money online and niche blogs which are based on money always have been successful to force the readers to comment.

Alexa Rank – 118,746
Google Page Rank – 4 / 10


Harsh Agarwal with his blog attracts thousands of readers and they mostly comment on their blog.

Alexa Rank – Around 4000
Google Page Rank – 4/10

Digital Inspiration: Labnol

By Amit Agarwal, #1 ranked blogger in India who started Digital Inspiration and he has been the inspiration for many bloggers in India.

Alexa Rank – 2,400
Google Page Rank – 6 / 10


Engadget covers the latest devices launches, news, updates, rumors related to mobile phones, tablet PC and other gadgets. Every tech blogger ensures to check Engadget website for a latest update on gadgets.

Alexa Rank – 640
Google Page Rank – 8 / 10

Huffington Post

Huffington Post covers all kind of news like the latest mobile phone launches, apps, world news, politics, business and entertainment.

Alexa Rank – 100
Google Page Rank – 8 / 10

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Amit Bhawani

A regular follower of Amit Bhawani, he writes up to date posts. Like Google Panda is live now, he is right now busy in providing tips on Google Panda. Also got a good amount of comments.

Alexa Rank – 30,000
Google Page Rank – 4/10

Telecom Talk

A blog completely dedicated to India Telecom industry & news. It usually receives too many unwanted and silly comments in huge numbers.

I might have forgotten some blogs lists to be added but I found those.

Alexa Rank – 18940
Google Page Rank – 4 / 10

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