How to add a Second number to your Smartphone for Business Purpose & Stop Carrying two Phones?

virtual sim card or eSIMvirtual sim card or eSIM

How to add a Second number to your Smartphone for Business Purpose & Stop Carrying two Phones?

You may have already heard about the possibility of having virtual numbers. It’s also referred by other names as eSIM and new Apple iPhones too have added this facility. In this article, we will talk about what a virtual number is and how it works. Such solutions are for those who want to be constantly in touch with their clients and colleagues, and we suggest using IP-telephony services or creating a virtual SIM card from your cellular network operator.

Why Do You Need a Virtual Phone Number?

With a virtual phone number for calls, you can receive calls just like a regular phone. Calls can be local or from abroad — just like with traditional telephony. But there are notable advantages.

Let’s break them down in more detail:

  1. No service contracts: To register a virtual number with an online provider, the user doesn’t have to sign anything. One can stop using the service at any time.
  2. Convenient for publication in business directories: The virtual contact can be listed in any business directory, making it easy to find the organization’s data.
  3. Save your number: Often, phone companies do not allow customers to keep their numbers if they move to a competitor or another region. Modern technology allows you to solve this problem. That’s a great thing and portability support through a Virtual phone number. This benefit you don’t get with the traditional SIM card when you move to a different country.

Apart from these three, there are other advantages as well but those are minors and we haven’t discussed it here because of the reason that the article will be long and we want to keep it on to the point straightaway.

How to Get a Virtual Number?

Let’s look at getting a number using services and applications as examples. The mechanism for setting up such a temporary number in any application is very similar.

It is necessary to download and install the application from the official app store. Then, you need to enter your real phone number to verify the account by SMS code.

After verification, you can search for the number you want to use. You can enter the region code of the supported country and select a temporary number from the available list.

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The use of a temporary number is charged and costs differently depending on the option and application selected. The number expires along with the indication period of use.

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