Pros and Cons of Tech Toys for Kids

Tech Toys for Kids pros and consTech Toys for Kids pros and cons

In today’s times, children are living in a technological world. Almost all of them are adept in technology and automation. These include playing tech toys and using gadgets, such as smart robot kits, smartphone-controlled tanks, circuit-building puzzle toys, personal robots, selfie stick microphone, electronic kits, virtual reality toys, and various models of tablets and smartphones. We have also gone through an article where we have listed top mobile phones for kids.

So, should you consider giving your children technological toys? Before you search for the top ten toys as gifts for tech-savvy kids, do know the following advantages and disadvantages of this kind of toys:


  1. Stimulate technological awareness

Everything in this world now is operated automatically. For this reason, children must know how to use technology. As they will grow, devices and gadgets will become even more sophisticated and complex. Tech toys could enhance their knowledge about technology. They could use this tech knowledge, especially computer literacy, in the future, particularly in their work.

Use of tech toys by a child is more prevalent in the United States and Japan according to a research.

  1. Enhance brain development

Let’s face it; assembling a robot kit could make your child think deeply. Electronics kits allow your child to build something functional by using their abilities and creative thinking. This activity enhances their brain development and intellectual skills. In the future, they could build a real gadget or device that will make the life of people easy.

  1. Promote learning

Many tech toys are educational. One example of this is the virtual reality starter pack that allows your child to experience augmented reality. This toy will take your child anywhere from planet Earth to different worlds in space. There are many “realities” to see, such as wildlife, nature, and environment that your children could learn from.

Another example of an educational tech toy is the digital microscope, in which they can collect samples to examine and analyze.

There are a number of tech toys in the market that combines play and learning that your kids will surely love!

  1. Enhance creative skills

Your children will learn some skills and allow them to be creative with tech toys. These include knowing how to take photographs at right angles and how to draw objects.

  1. Provide digital interaction

Your children could get access to music and books with just a click of the button using tech toys. These things are helpful in exposing them to a wide variety of resources that suit their interests.


  1. May lead to the development of obesity and diabetes

Children who play tech toys can sit for hours. This physically inactive lifestyle can lead to obesity and diabetes, which is not good especially at a young age. It is advisable then that parents should limit their children’s playing time and encourage them to engage in physical activities, such as playing outdoor games with their friends.

  1. Promote isolation

Experts say that some tech toys discourage interaction and tend to promote isolation. For example, children can be so engrossed in playing video games that they just stay in their room for hours. They forget to interact with their family and friends. Parents must watch their children and interfere when their behavior becomes unhealthy. They could sit with their children and play with them from time to time, but with a time limit. In this way, you could bond with your children and interact with one another.

  1. Weaken social skills

Playing tech toys sometimes needs a lot of focus. For this reason, your child would not talk even though you are just beside him. It may affect his social skills and they may not know how to communicate and socialize with other people. Because of this, they may lose their confidence and avoid interaction, which worsens the situation.

Tech toys can be great gifts for children, depending on how you as parent regulate and direct their use. The key is to balance and limit the playing time of your children. It makes a big difference when parents are there to guide and give advice to their children while they are playing with their tech toys. Also, take into consideration the physical condition and social skills of your children; these should not be neglected to protect the overall well-being of your children.

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