Top 5 Website to Get Free AudioBooks Online

Still preferring to read books online. Reach out 5 sites to get your audio books online for free.

In this age where we have multiple choices to keep ourselves engaged, few people still prefer to read books. Reading books is not only a traditional way to entertain, but also provides a rich resource of knowledge. With internet and particularly Google taking control in the free space, more people are turning to look for online resources to read books. Ebooks downloaded in tablets and smart phones is perhaps the most environment friendly way to read

Free AudioBooks Online

However, audio books are best suited for individuals who do not find time to read books as they are always on the run. Audio books are becoming more popular these days because of its easy functionality – just download and play.

Internet always provides a vast series of titles which are otherwise found in the retail stores. Audio books are more popular because many of them are available for free of cost. Below mentioned are some of the websites which provide free audio books.

Freeclassicaudiobooks provides a variety of titles to select from. This website has variety of titles written by well known authors. The books are available in MP3 format for online play and MP4 format for downloading it in iPod. The collections are indexed by the last name of the authors. The readers can find old classics like Alice in Wonderland or The Jungle and modern day investigation reports such as 9/11 Commission Report. It is one of the top most sites for free audio books and offers good quality audio formats.

Librophile is another good website from where the readers can get books of any age for free of cost. This website has rich resource of audio books and ebooks to download. There are two sections: free and pay. While the paid books are available at a nominal cost, the readers are free to download the $0.00 books. The website is highly interactive with users getting the option to search by either popularity or genre. The “advanced search option” of the website helps the users to search by title, author or description.

Gutenberg is multilingual free audio book site. This website offers human read and computer generated audio books. The books which include Shakespeare classics and old fairy tales are available in a very good quality. There are over 2,000 free audio books available in this website in different categories and in different languages. Books can be searched by titles, categories and authors. It is one of the best site if you are looking for multiple languages books.

LibriVox provides a vast catalogue of ebooks and audio books in MP3 format. The website encourages the volunteers to record the chapters of the book which are available in the public domain and publish the files on the internet. Since the books are available from the public domain, they are free of cost. The users can find all kinds of books in this website. The books can be searched either by title or by author’s name.


It is a good website for those who like to read news, interviews and presentations apart from the novels which are available online. The collection mainly contains modern books; however the website has something which interests anybody from history, literature, politics, sports, technology and travel. The website has perhaps the largest collection of educational books. It has both paid and free versions.

The concept of audio books was introduced by Frank Mulller after his severe accident. An important fact about the free audio books is that they are absolutely legal to use and available in good quality. They are good to listen when the reader does not have enough opportunity to sit and read the books.

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