Top 5 Best Mobile Phones for Kids

Best Mobile Phones for KidsBest Mobile Phones for Kids

Check the best mobile phones for Kids 2024 available within your budget.

There was a time when kids holding and carrying a cell phone was unheard of. Not anymore. Mobile phones help keep kids in constant communication and under a monitoring eye. As a parent, you’d want to pick one with a few features to avoid misuse. There are many handsets available to buy. A kid-specific phone is designed to limit the child’s phone time, has GPS on it, prevents access to unwanted calls and websites, and also stops children from texting while they’re driving.

Here’s a quick look at the top 5 mobile phones for younger and older children, and why you should pick them.

Mobile Phone for Small Kids

Targeting small kids these phones have limited use and easy functionality.

5-Star Responder Emergency-Cell Phone

Emergency phones have a very limited capability but easy functioning and instant access to make emergency calls plus an in-built GPS tracker. Check out the 5-Star Responder that has a single-button design which when pressed connects the call to a certified-response agent who then checks the GPS location and calls the parents and emergency.

Kajeet Smartphone for Kids

This is a smarter phone for kids and can be used both for small and bigger kids. You can place parental control by setting spending, and time limits as also controlling the address book where certain numbers can be blocked. You can directly access the Kajeet website to monitor your child’s activity and GPS location.

Kajeet comes in the basic model with texting capability and higher models have camera, video-music player, apps market-access, etc. Usually, service plans begin from $ 4.99 monthly and a Kajeet phone can cost anything from $24.99-$299.99. Its pay-as-you-go plan is worth checking out.

Firefly Kids Phone

Find a whole range of kid-specific phone handsets from Firefly. Coming with a modest flat fee and a plan that can be added to the carrier plan in case you’re opting for a phone carrier like T-Mobile or ATT offering SIM card Firefly models offer a different set of simple features without the glamour of a hi-fi cell phone.

On the negative side the Firefly website for mobiles doesn’t offer much info on functionality and performance of different sets so tread carefully when picking this phone.

LG Migo Verizon VX1000

Laced with a dedicated emergency-key, a battery, a wall charger, and four numbers that can be saved and programmable by parents, the LG Migo is a good deal when you want to let your children carry a phone but not misuse it. To buy you need to be a Verizon customer.

Just5 Phone

The Just5 cell phone is excellent as a starter model for young children but it’s really designed for bigger kids. It has nice big buttons, a big keypad for easy typing, and a monochrome screen which makes it quite handy to use.

Smartphone for Bigger Kids

As kids go big they won’t stay happy with a basic-function phone. A phone with better features but certain restrictions is what most parents hunt for. Most carriers offer a line-up of models with inbuilt location monitoring, and wanted features with desired restrictions. Here’s a run-down on popular models for older kids.

Straight Talk Wireless Phones

Straight Talk models are price-friendly with pay-as-you-go and offer many models with basic and better functions. Not specifically for kids but they’re a great option.

T-Mobile Phones

You get a huge variety of models with parental control, all in affordable price brackets, and some pre-paid pricing models as well.

Verizon Phones

Verizon phones, leaving the LG Migo are not really children-specific but do check up on a recent offer, the ‘Family base’ program coming with parental monitoring and pre-paid plans.

 Sprint Kids Phone

You get a good selection of handsets and plans that target children and are family-specific.

So, those were some of the phones for kids and teens. Do let us know which one you liked.

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