5 Interesting iOS Apps Not Available on Android & Windows Platform

Apple fans have something to cheer about as iOS has been released. While most popular app makes it first to iOS and then they arrive on Android platform. Take the example of the Vine video-sharing app released first for iOS in January this year and only recently it has arrived for Android & Windows devices.

But there is not just a Vine app but there are plenty of apps popular on iOS and still to join the Android party. We have listed 5 of those best apps.

Camera Awesome

Camera Awesome is loaded with awesome easy photo enhancing tools for quick users. Take a photo and awesome it through photo processing algorithm to adjust the colors and brightness to its best. You can also use features like photo cropping, rotation, 250+ filters, frames, textures and lot more.Camera Awesome iOS appCamera Awesome iOS app

Download Camera Awesome iOS App

Nike+ FuelBand

Although iOS has other personal health tracking apps, Nike+ FuelBand makes staying a fit lot more interesting. It allows you to track your activity in day-wise, weekly, monthly or year wise and you can compare it with other Nike+ users.

Download Nike+ FuelBand App


AnyList is the best iOS app to for those who want to collaborate list with others users and update them in real time. With this app, your husband/friend will not forget anything to purchase from the grocery store while he is out. It also has recipe mode suggesting users to prepare meals on ingredients that they have.

Download AnyList iOS App

The Transit App

While Google Maps Transit mayn’t be available in your country or place, the perfect replacement is Transit App for iOS device. It provides a complete list of buses and subway stops near your location and this is must for those who relieve on public transportation.

Download Transit App

Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video is the rival to NetFlix allowing you to stream hundreds of TV shows, movies on your device. This is available on iOS but yet to be launched on Android.

Download Amazon Instant Video App

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Apart from the above apps, did you find any other app missing on Android and found on iOS? Do let us know via comments.

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