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Check out the list of 5 Best Android & iOS Benchmark tools to measure the performance.

Whenever you buy a new smartphone for a lot of money you naturally expect it to be worth it. What you may not know if you can control the performance of the phone to quite an extent so as to make the use of the device justify the price. You got to be the smart one when it comes to the factors of maintaining the speed and accuracy. You need efficient Android or iOS benchmark tools to keep track of the progress.

Best iOS Benchmark Tools

The benchmark tools offer standard tests to compare the speed of any device with that of another device. The name is inspired from the symbol surveyors have been using. It is a test that can be run and rerun to check the processor speed, browser speed, and storage access speed. It is also used to find out 3D efficiency.

Observing what the speed differences maybe and just taking a guess is different from actually calculating it and having substantial records at hand. So these benchmark tests are indeed much in demand so that people can go for the fastest and the best performer, both in the case of a browser and a device!

The type of each check itself is complicated so there are different tests to cover all the requirements. Usually, each base has a different test but there are some cross-platform tests available and some of them have come up with compact suites that will take care of all the bases and test every kind of performance speed alone. A cross-platform test is even more complicated but here are some recommendations.


This is the latest one designed by Qualcomm and free on Google Play Store. This company manufactures many popular phone and tab processors and has come up with the Metal suite to check the speed on various processors. Though the tests take time, it is one of the best in the market.


This is one of the most popular benchmarks with a wide range of tests covering everything that needs a speed check and this one too is free on Play Store. It, however, does not show you the details of performance variations.


This one gives accurate and definite results through the working itself is complex but you surely will have a clear idea about which device is faster and better if you check their speeds and performance with this benchmark. This one is available on both Android and iOS.


This too is a cross-platform benchmark being available on not only Apple and Android but also anything with a web browser.

The tests run on the basic JavaScript and test both, the speed and the browser performance so that you know which browser is best for your device and vice-versa.


This one is currently at the top spot for 3D benchmarking. The accurate speed observed and recorded by this benchmark helps developers improve their gaming performance and make it more realistic by synchronizing the speeds of each element. It is a reliable guide to the overall performance of anything graphical.

Depending upon the different resolutions for different devices the scores can surprise you by rating an apparently slower device higher than a device that is considered to have an overall high speed.

These are just the top five ensemble benchmark test suites that are highly in demand. You can search the Google Play Store and other web stores to find another benchmark because there is a large number of them. You can read the specifications and choose the one you need if your requirement is focused on a particular aspect.

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Check out the list of 5 Best Android & iOS Benchmark tools to measure the performance.
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