Auto Turn Off Android WiFi Hotspot When You are Idle

The guide explains how you can turn WiFi Hotspot automatically when idle on your Android Phone/tablet & devices.

WiFi Hotspot is one of the options introduced in Android powered smartphones, lately it’s seen on Windows 8 platform as well. Interestingly it’s one of the highest battery consuming feature on Android phones. Unless and until you have highly endurance rating battery on to your phone, you will always need to charge your phone continuously.WiFi IdleWiFi Idle

Most of you know that using Wi-Fi hotspot you can share your Android phone’s date wirelessly for up to 5 devices as your phone will be turned in to portable Wi-Fi router. While some network carrier charge extra for this features, it’s available for free tethering (data cost is additional).

Auto Off Android WiFi Hotspot

While we use internet on our desktop/laptop mainly for few purpose, it’s clear that we have not always using it continuously. If you happen to leave your desk for 5 minutes or more, you will leave your phone with Wi-Fi tethering still ON, draining battery significantly. The new generation of Android OS version has included the option to turn off Wi-Fi when you are idle. Now this is very useful option and here in this guide you will know how to turn off Wi-Fi hotspot when you are idle for 5 minutes or more.

  • From your phone Settings, go to Wireless & Networks. (You can also pull down notification panel if Wi-Fi hotspot is ON and directly go to Settings under Wireless & Networks).
  • Now select Tethering & portable hotspot.
  • Under that you need to tap on Keep Wi-Fi hotspot on option.
  • You will get a pop-up asking you when you want to turn off Wi-Fi hotspot if you are idle for 5 minutes or 10 minutes or always on ON state.
  • When you select one option, pop-up will be automatically closed.

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Why Hotspot is not Working

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Exist to main menu and proceed with your work as the option is saved and you don’t need to perform this action again and again. While we have the screenshot on Android 4.0.4 in the above tutorial, nearly similar steps are found on Android 2.2, Android 2.3 and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS version of phones. This procedure is also applicable to Android tablets if it includes SIM card connectivity.

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