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Mobile Phone Insurance: With the increasing popularity of smartphones, there is always a concern when these hefty priced phones are lost or damaged. The lengthy contracts which come along with the phones also need to be honored and have to be fully paid whether the smartphone is still in possession or not.


Mobile Phone Insurance

To avoid being in a situation where a phone is lost or damaged and replacing it might be difficult many people have started opting for mobile phone insurance. All the popular mobile operators, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, US Cellular are providing exclusive mobile phone insurance with every new contract smartphone purchase. However, there are certain things that should be kept in mind before selecting a suitable mobile phone insurance company –

  • The first thing before committing to specific insurance is to re-check whether your phone is already covered or not. Most people who have home content insurance also have phone coverage something many insurance holders are not aware of.
  • The first time you will hear about mobile phone insurance is when you are actually purchasing your phone. Nearly every salesperson will ask the customers if they want additional mobile phone insurance. The insurance offered by the phone networks usually tend to be expensive than other providers, however the type of coverage also comes into factor here. The best thing to do is refuse the insurance unless you are well adverse with what other mobile phone insurance companies are offering.
  • Research various mobile phone insurance companies and locate feedbacks of people who actually have the same insurance. This shouldn’t be hard as tons of information on mobile phone insurance is available on the internet due to its recent popularity. Find out which mobile insurance companies are famous and have a good rating.
  • Compare the monthly cost and the coverage. The most important thing when selecting suitable insurance for your phone is coverage.  Under which conditions will the phone be replaced or the amount will be refunded, the duration of the insurance and duration of the various conditions set by the insurance company, which handsets are covered, overseas coverage, unauthorized calls coverage etc are things that should be checked before confirming your selection. Sometimes there is a variation in monthly and annual cost, so you can see if the company has a certain discount when selecting annual payment.

  • Additional deals like multiple phones coverage for families is also worth checking as they can provide a further reduction in the insurance payments.
  • No contract or not. Most mobile phone insurance companies are offering no contract that means you can terminate the insurance whenever you want. Hence it is best to check if the insurance comes with any contract or not.
  • It is best to read the companies claiming details as well. In case you lose your phone it is best to know what process is required and suggested by the insurance company. Some companies have a specific time period under which you have to notify them and the police. This time period could be anywhere between 12 hours to 24 hours. Check the how to claim details thoroughly such that there is no confusion in case the phone is stolen, lost or damaged.

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So that’s it to know about mobile insurance. Regarding the claim process, you should get in touch with the respective mobile insurer.

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