Top 5 Benchmark Test Android Apps to Know Your SmartPhone Performance

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Top 5 BenchMark Test Android Apps to Know Your SmartPhone Performance.

Android is considered to be one of the best-operating systems in the mobile market, being it is a smartphone or a tablet. This is perhaps the reason why over 80% of users in the smartphone market are  Android operating systems users.

In some of the markets like India, its market share has in fact crossed 90%. Due to its easy interface and wide availability among the mobile devices, Android is dearer to many smartphone users.

So, let me guide you through the best Benchmark test apps for Android.

BenchMark Test Android Apps

Android users get many free as well as paid apps to download from its Android market, also known as Google Play store.  There are millions of apps available in the play store meant to make your life simple and easy. They are very effective and ease your lifestyle. The availability of the free apps makes it more attractive for the users to download the apps and use them in their smartphones.

However, the usage of multiple apps in your smartphones affects their performance along with the battery life. It is very important to know where your device stands among others available in the market by creating benchmarks. Mentioned below are few such apps.


AnTuTu is one of the most popular free Android smartphone and tablet benchmarking app available in the Google Play Store. There are over 100,000,000 users who are happy with AnTuTu. AnTuTu is not a performance improving the Android app, but it is a benchmarking app which let the users know about their Android devices through some numbers and solid facts. It is considered to be the #1 app by technology geeks around the globe. The app is designed to test a device’s overall capability, viz. its performance, processor speed, 3D effects, and its gaming controls.

The various types of tests performed by AnTuTu include CPU tests to know how powerful the CPU of a smartphone is, GPU tests to know the real graphics performance which is required for gaming and video control, RAM tests and Input/Output performance testing. The app also helps the users know where their device stands among others by comparing its performance against other devices which have powerful hardware.

Download AnTuTuBenchMark for free from Google Play Store.

Geekbench 3

Geekbench 3 lets you know where your smartphone stands against other hand held devices in the market. It is a next-generation processor benchmarking app designed by Primate Labs. It does a comparison among the single core and multicore processors and also let the users know if they need a multicore processor to meet their requirements of gaming, or using other apps. It does Real-World and stress tests to know if the users have stability in the system or not and how well they can handle the tasks and other applications. Apart from multi core benchmark testing, it also compares across different operating systems and different devices. Overall, Geekbench is a good benchmarking app and provides more trusted results. However, one drawback of this app is that it is not available for free of cost. Users are required to download it from Google Play by paying a nominal amount which is less than $1.

Download Geekbench 3 on your Android device right away!


GFXBench, formerly known as GLBenchmark 2.7 is a free android app to test the performance across multiple platforms and devices. GFXBench is available across multiple platforms, viz., Android, iOS, and Windows. GFXBench should be used by smartphone users who are professional gamers and do a lot of gaming. It offers good graphics performance testing and comparison across platforms.

GFXBench accurately tests a device’s graphics performance, and provide a feedback regarding measured frames per second. It is perhaps the best app available to tests mobile graphics benchmarking methods.

With the help of Google Play, you can download GLBenchmark 2.7 for free.

Basemark X

Basemark X is a free benchmarking app designed by Rightware which measures the performance of across the platforms and compares the game graphics of various operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows Operating systems. The benchmark which Basemark X follows primarily being designed for ARM based smartphones and tablets whose operating system runs on Android 4.0 and higher. It is different from other benchmarking apps in the way that it is a professional performance evaluation tool. The performance measurement score produced by Basemark X has high quality and objective based making it extremely useful for measuring graphical performances.

Basemark X has heavy graphics content and to test its benchmark, it pushes the tested devices to the maximum limit. This heavy load produced is sometimes not supported by low-end devices; hence, it is recommended to use Basemark X in high end devices.

The workloads of Basemark X have been designed keeping in mind the usage profile of modern and future 3D games pushing the measuring device to the maximum possible limit. It is one of the best free app designed for measuring 3D graphics.

Download Basemark X for free on your Android device!

Nenamark 2

Nenamark 2 is another free app that is designed to measure performance and benchmark them in many high-end mobile devices. Nenamark 2 does the comparison across multiple platforms and many devices. The app does a measurement based on realistic scenes that are taken from typical games and measures the performance in terms of frames per second. The results of the benchmark is measured from a wide variety of devices and posted in the websites of Nenamark. The effects which are used for comparison of graphics include skeletal animation, bump mapping, water, cloud system, dynamic lighting, lens flare, texture channel animation, texture channel animation, smooth gradient animation, smoke, etc. It is a good app if someone is looking to benchmark their high end app.

Download Nenamark 2 on your Android device for free!

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The benchmarking app provides a good opportunity to compare their phone’s performance against other similar configuration phones. The users can also compare the performance of various devices and then make their buying decision which is again based on the performance of a phone.

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