Top 10 Best Windows Phone Games

Best Windows Phone GamesBest Windows Phone Games

Check out the all-around best Windows Phone games for your phone/tablet, available in HD.

Smartphones are the best pocket companion when you are bored. Often times when you are tired, you need a break and for many techies, playing games on their phone can fresh up their mind.

Best Windows Phone Games

For those who own Windows Phones, herein we have listed 10 top Windows games that they can play on their phone straightaway –

Pac Man HD Game

For those who love classic, here comes the classic Pac Man game in HD for Windows Phone. The latest HD game includes different games modes, game speed and option to check out your highest score. It’s a classical Windows phone game to play on your device.

Download Pac Man HD for Windows Phone

AE Jewels Game

Here comes a brain teaser which requires fast action and strategic plan. AE Jewels game for Windows phone comes with various bonus levels, amazing graphics, smooth gameplay to make you addictive.

Download AE Jewels for Windows Phones

AE Bowling Game

For those who enjoy bowling, here comes AE Bowling to test your bowling skills right on your Windows Phone. This game received 12500 reviews until now with an average of 4.5-star rating. The game comes in three modes – single player, multiplayer, vs computer.

Download AE 3D Bowling for Windows Phones

Ruzzle Game

Ruzzle is faster word game for Windows Phone. Play, compete with your friend and stand up for a chance on the leaderboard.

Download Ruzzle for Windows Phones


Anyone interested in archery, then they can download this free game and play on their Windows Phone with smooth, amazing graphics. With 16570 reviews, this game is available for free download on Windows platform.

Download Archer for Windows Phones

Real Football 2013

Soccer! That’s what the world loves the game. Love the game, they engage as a player to develop your club by hiring new staff members, dealing with sponsors, and a lot more. The feel is like the Apple Cup time.
Download Real Football for Windows Phones


UNO game can be played online right from your Windows Phone. You don’t need to have a get-together in order to play UNO. Make use of your Xbox account to log in and play with your friends right from the palm of your hands.

Download UNOFriends for Windows Phones

Where’s My Water? 2

Disney brings Where’s My Water? 2 to Windows Phone. You need to cut through the dirt in order to guide the fresh/purple water to swamp your friends.Download Where’s My Water?2 for Windows Phones

Temple Run

Popular on the Android platform, this game arrives on Windows Phone as well. It’s an all-time mega-hit game. You are charged as the culprit who stole the cursed idol from the temple and you need to run for your life. Collections those coins which come in-between to get power-ups.

Download Temple Run for Windows Phones

AE 3D Moto – The Lost City

AE 3D Moto is the successor to the 3D Moto game. So for anyone who loves racing games, you shouldn’t miss this game. Be the king of biking with the AE 3D Moto game.


Download AE 3D Moto for Windows Phones

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So which of these games do you currently enjoy playing?

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