3 Things to Consider When Searching for a Top Gaming Mouse

Optical mouse or laser mouseOptical mouse or laser mouse

A good mouse can make your gaming experience more comfortable and convenient. Certainly, some people still use everyday mice for gaming but opting for a professional gaming mouse makes a big difference; every true gamer knows this.

That being said, knowing which product to buy can be challenging, since there’s a wide variety available with similar features and prices. Whether you’re an FPS gamer or into MOBA or MMO gaming, getting a good gaming mouse will determine how you enjoy your time gaming. If you’re looking to buy the best gaming mouse but you’re unsure where to start, below are a few things to look out for when making a choice.

1. Check if it has an optical or laser sensor.

When picking out a gaming mouse, it’s important to consider what type of sensor you prefer. Would you like an optical sensor or laser? Optical lasers are more common than the latter, which alone makes them slightly more advantageous. Some years back, laser sensors were more sought out because they were more effective in making swift movements. However, technology advanced as usual, and today’s top gaming mouse uses optical sensors as they’re more sensitive and superior.

Laser sensors are still pretty cool though. Unlike the optical sensor, you can use them on any surface, including glass surfaces, making it better for versatility. Unfortunately, they also tend to quake during slow movements because they were designed to analyze a surface more intensely.

Of course, technology advances continuously, so ongoing improvements are being made to the laser sensor. As recent as 2020, both types of sensors became very similar in functionality. Lasers are still accurate, but that may not be very significant for gaming. So, if you don’t want to spend an extra buck, optical sensors are a great choice for a gaming mouse.

2. Check the dots per inch (DPI)

To get the best gaming mice, you need to know a thing or two about the DPI. DPI (dots per inch) describes how sensitive a gaming mouse is and is one of the features manufacturers use as a selling point. One dot on a display is equal to one pixel, so it’s unnecessary to have an excessively high DPI like 16000 DPIs, even though you own a 4k screen.

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Gamers insist that the extra DPI makes a significant difference as the higher your DPI, the easier it is to adjust the sensitivity settings. This comes in handy during precision games and shooting games and it’s very convenient to go from DPI settings that are high to low sensitivity for higher accuracy.

However, a high DPI doesn’t necessarily build quality and you can still find cheap gaming mice that claim to have a pretty good DPI. It’s usually just a marketing strategy to get them off the shelves. In short, high DPI doesn’t account for reliability or accuracy; it simply describes the sensor’s sensitivity.

3. Decide between a wired vs. wireless gaming mouse

Many people prefer using a wireless gaming mouse because it seems more convenient to move it around. However, all types have their upside. Competitive gamers often go for the wired version because they provide more stability, and it helps that they’re significantly cheaper. They also don’t need to be recharged, although you would have to worry about cable management.

Wireless mice are also quite advantageous, beginning with the convenience of having no annoying cables getting in the way. This means you can move your mouse as far away from your desktop as you want, and your desk looks generally neater.

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Wireless gaming mice cost slightly more than wired mice, even though the difference isn’t very much these days. However, remember that the wireless version will need frequent battery charging and replacements. They also aren’t as lag-free as a wired gaming mouse.

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