Download Google Now Launcher APK Latest Version for Android

Guide on how to download Google Now Launcher APK (Latest version) for Android Phones/tablets.

People where thrilled with our collection of Best Go Launcher EX themes, Best iPhone Launcher Apps, Google takes on these popular launcher apps as Google Now Launcher is officially announced.Google Now Launcher logoGoogle Now Launcher logo

Google Now Launcher

Google Now launcher is the extension to Google Now feature available on Android platforms. An updated version of the famous Google Now launcher is now available with its earlier bugs sorted out. This new update is said to include some hidden functionalities that might not work as of now but will be supportive for newer devices and gadgets that come with the latest features. The App store however features a lot of new launchers among which the snapdragon launcher and the Firefox launcher have created quite a stir.

Now Google has even renamed the Google experience launcher to Google Now launcher. This is quite an update as it is one of the simplest launchers and also possesses incredible features that are worth a try.

Google Now Features

First of all you will notice a change in the name and secondly the launcher now possesses an increased 6 columns on the device screens which were earlier only 5. The disappearing icon bug is also sort out and this new app also features an app drawer that does not reset the first page like it did before upon reset. The good thing is that, now even Air BNB reservations are also supportive on the Google now launcher.

Now you will also find customized TV provider and demand options on this new launcher. The voice volume feature is now based on the media volume. You will also find an enhanced UI and enhanced options with some major bug fixes. See for yourself in some of the screen shots that we have provided. In this edition of the launcher Google has roped in the card launcher UI and have also given a pre-installed Google home setup app.

The Google now launcher is free on the Play Store. Download it or find an alternate link and install it on your smartphone or tablet. The launcher is best suited for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher versions and support even includes Kitkat or Android L versions.

Download Google Now Launcher

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