5 Best iPhone Launcher Apps to use Right Now

People love to change constantly and try out new things. For 2014 we have listed best iPhone Launcher apps to give a new look to your iPhone.

Something that people have been into a lot more than before is the new iPhone, which is undeniably the phone of the next generation, which people love to own and which they love to show off, and more importantly, they love to download stuff on their own which makes using their phone simple.

Best iPhone Launcher

Home screen is something that the people like to be something that can instantly give them access to all their apps and hence make their access quicker. But unfortunately, there is nothing in building in an iPhone which one can call an, which is precisely what you need, hence one has to download it separately.

Here is a list of the 5 iPhone Launcher apps that you can use for the above-mentioned function –

List Launcher

The main reason that app of the above kind is wanted so that there can be a one spot item which should have functions like functionality and jailbreak tweak and that is exactly what this has. It has Spotlight searching enables and looks for the apps even while you are typing for it.

Furthermore, it displays all the names of all the apps that have been downloaded and it quickly browses through the apps that you require.

Download List Launcher

Android Loader

It is one of the simplest options that you can opt for and it functions in a similar way. The bottom of the screen does the needful and then displays a list of all the apps and that too in an alphabetical order. You can add or delete the apps the way you want. And since it comes with the music controller and can be used for iPods too, but not iPad.Android LoaderAndroid Loader


With RocketLauncher, the idea is to get gesture based actions on the lockscreen. You can tap anywhere on the lockscreen and RocketLauncher will become active. You have options to configure app icons in the shortcuts.

Quick Launcher

It can also be downloaded and has an iPhone interface kind of a thing. And it creates a list the way you search it.


OS X style dock is what you get with this. You can use it like the one mentioned above, and can virtually can bring up the apps you require in the dock. It also works in the same way like the rest of the Launchers. It mostly functions like the rest of the apps and the App Launchers. Hence it can be downloaded too if one has to do the needful that is mentioned above.

Launch Center Pro

It is another app which not many people know about but it can definitely be found on the iTunes. It has similar features but has features which are more than an App Launcher. It saves you the entire complex task and does not let you complicate things, besides it gives you a shortcut to everything that you need from an App Launcher.

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