How Digitization of PoS in Pharmacies in Changing Trends

PoS in PharmaciesPoS in Pharmacies

Digitization is on the rise and does not stop at pharmacies. To keep pace with change, pharmacies need to adopt new strategies and technologies to stay competitive alongside online and mail order pharmacies. The digitization of the Point of Sale Systems For Pharmacy offers pharmacies a good opportunity to market their goods in a contemporary way.

Digital services at the point of sale are becoming increasingly popular, especially if they offer customers real added value. This is of great importance to all shopkeepers as most buying decisions are still made spontaneously at the point of sale rather than online. Many consumers want basic cross-channel services before or during shopping. For example, availability queries or free Wi-Fi are very popular in the shops.

If the desired product is not in the store, many customers would like to order from there online or pick up products ordered online. At the same time, customers should be offered significant added value, for example, additional information about the products, such as customer reviews, application examples and information on origin and production.

Why digital technologies?

Even in pharmacies, the need for digitization is recognized, but what has previously been there as a digital offer is usually nothing more than a digital poster. Customers are far ahead of pharmacies in terms of digitization and are well informed about medical conditions, products and prices before they even enter the pharmacy.

Since many customers are already used to online shopping, they have ever higher expectations of pharmacies, such as an extensive range, in-depth information and a convenient product selection.

In order to increase the customer frequency again and consumers do not lose to online pharmacies, stationary pharmacies must respond to the new needs of customers and take the step of digitization.

Which digital technologies are available at the PoS?

There is now an ever-expanding range of digital technologies that can be used at the PoS. Fundamentally, a distinction can be made between non-interactive media, such as digital billboards, which are used for information and emotionalization and interactive media, for advising customers and simplifying shopping. There are second-tier technologies both stationary (digital walls, terminals) and mobile (mobile shopping assistant, tablet).

The terminals and digital walls are among the most popular technologies for digitizing the PoS, as they offer some advantages. They greatly simplify the purchasing process by providing large amounts of product information and detailed product photos. With features such as simplified search and filtering processes and product comparisons and evaluations, they offer customers significant added value when shopping.

The systems also enable a smooth cross-channel linking of online and offline channels. Likewise, customers can be offered a 24-hour shopping or the collection of ordered items after closing time.

Which digital PoS medium suits the goals?

In order to make the digitization of the PoS a success, it has to be found which medium suits the goals of the respective pharmacy. Of course, the focus should always be on customers. They have not only high expectations but also habits. Often new services are not perceived, which is why they should be positioned in a highly frequented area and clearly communicated by the staff in order to be effective. Furthermore, pharmacies should commit to a system to avoid confusion.

In addition, some questions must be clarified, for example, whether the customers should serve the media independently or with the assistance of a salesman, which budget is available and which added value should be offered, entertainment, interactivity or product range extension.

What are the challenges of implementation?

When planning and implementing the digitization of PoS in pharmacies, there are many challenges that must be taken into account. Therefore, it makes sense to seek help from external service providers specializing in this field. The choice of technical hardware is also decisive. If a pharmacy strives to digitize, of course, all products must be digitized.

Benefit through the digitization of the PoS

If a pharmacy succeeds in the successful digitization of PoS, it has enormous advantages over a conventional pharmacy. Customers usually spend more time at the PoS and can be targeted with targeted media, as the content can be adapted in real time to the needs of the target group.

Due to the digitization, an extended assortment, as well as a more extensive consultation of the customers, can be realized. They can also enjoy the combined benefits of offline and online shopping.

In order to remain competitive in the future, in addition to the online and mail-order pharmacies, pharmacies should definitely strive to digitize your point of sale and your offer.

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