Easily Know Wi-Fi Password of Network SSID using Android Phone

Want to know password of your neighbour’s super fast Wi-Fi? Here are some tricks that may help you out. There are many applications developed for the purpose but most of them inject virus in your phone or are either  outdated or doesn’t work.WiFiWiFi

First you need a Wi-Fi stumbler which  determines details like signal level, media access control addresses and security type. The access points with weak security can be easily detected by stumbler. There are two types of Wi-Fi networks:

  • Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)
  • Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)

WEP network is generally is less secured than WAP.

To know a password of a WAP network is usually a difficult task but a WEP’s network password can be  detected as:

  • Check if your android phone is rooted if it’s not, then download “Root checker” from Google play store.
  • There is an application named “Root Browser Lite” available in Google play store. Download it.
  • After downloading the application move to path Data/misc/wifi folder and you will find wpa_supplicant.conf open the file.
  • Now you can use any text editor to open the file .
  • A list will be displayed showing various data , you need to select “SSID” row in name of WiFi network and then “PSK” row will show you the password of Wi- Fi connection.

There is another trick for detecting password also. This works only on WEP network.

  1. Add monitor mode to your android phone. Monitor mode provides you the facility to view traffic on your Wi-Fi network and let you know how many devices are connected to it. Before adding monitor mode you need to know the correct chip set of your phone and download that from Google code.
  2. After downloading the code it would be easier to extract ZIP file then configure files after running setup.
  3. After this is done :
  4. Download aircrack-ng.
  5. Then download ComView
  6. Install ComView and correct drivers needed

After this is done watch this.

There is also a hacking tool available to detect password of WiFi password:

  • Download Ethical hacking tool 2013 from link
  • Run the application
  • Enter SSID i.e. name of network
  • Press “hack password” button
  • Wait for application to complete its process
  • Password will be displayed in “show password “box.

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Top 3 applications to know Wi-Fi password:

  • Best Wi-Fi Network Hacker App: Best Wi-Fi Network Hacker is an application that helps you in hacking all Wi-Fi networks and it doesn’t matter how strong their passwords or encryption network they has.
  • Wi-Fi Hacker PRANK App: Wi-Fi Hacker PRANK is an ideal app that gradually makes a back-door in the Wi-Fi device and gains the access to Wi-Fi networks and shows you the cracked passwords. It’s very easy to use.
  • Wi-Fi hacker App: Wi-Fi Hacker is an android app which pretends to crack the Wi-Fi networks. This can penetrate all Wi-Fi networks that your mobile observe like a Gamma ray.

With this trick you will know the Wi-Fi password of other networks.

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