5 Ways to Have More Fun & Take Risks With Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing stategyContent marketing stategy

Content marketing is all about being creative and inventive. There are a gazillion articles and content all over the internet. Sometimes it can seem like it’s hard to stand out from the pack.

If you haven’t felt as excited about your content as of late, it’s time to make some changes. With a little bit of ingenuity, you can get back on track and inspire your readers.

It’s time to take some risks because they’ll most certainly pay off!

1. Make Bold Predictions of the Future

No, you don’t have special powers that allow you to see the future. (Even though it’d be nice if you did!) You do, however, have the expertise surrounding your business.

Knowing what you do about content marketing is invaluable. You can see what changes have been taking place and what that could take place in the future.

For example, videos may be becoming more mainstream on social media. You may be observing this trend and incline that it’s going to become more prominent. If so, you could write about how video content marketing is soon going to explode.

2. Write Posts With Lists

To get a person’s attention, write a series of posts with lists. List articles are popular for various reasons. The majority of Buzzfeed’s posts are lists and have a number in the title. That should tell you something!

For one, having a number in your title makes it easy for a user to spot it while searching for a topic. (That’s precisely why this article’s title has a number!)

Lists are also popular because they break up content and make it easy to scan the article.

To make a list article even more attractive, use an odd number in the title. Odd numbers usually perform better than even numbers. They also look more appealing in a headline.

Spice up your content by writing more articles that consist of lists! You’ll likely see an increase in traffic to your website!

Few such examples you can spot on our website are – 5 tallest Bollywood actress, and 5 Best Sanitary ware brands.

3. Write an Ebook on a Popular Industry Topic

You may have been wanting to write an ebook for quite some time. Quit putting it off and create a killer ebook that your readers will love!

Of course, focusing on your industry is what’s going to generate more interest. It’s best to write about a subject you know and will intrigue your audience.

You can always hire a writer to add value and content to your website as well. There are writers who specialize in writing ebooks and other forms of writing.

Whoever tackles an ebook, think outside the box and cover some unique angles of a subject. You may decide to write an ebook about caring for a specific dog breed, for example.

Whatever subject you dive into, generate original content. People are generally interested in ideas and research that aren’t discussed as often.

4. Use Infographics

Infographics are popular because they combine visuals and content. There may be a topic you’re interested in, such as seven ways to cut back on energy waste. If you’re knowledgeable about it and want to share your thoughts, carve out some time to make an infographic or two.

There may be other topics you can’t offer as much expertise on but want to cover. Put on your researcher’s hat and dig up facts that you can include on an infographic. You can learn as you go!

If an infographic attracts new site visitors, you’ll know what to create more for future content!

5. Interview Some Experts in Your Industry

There may be some experts in your industry you’d like to interview. Whether they’re friends or new acquaintances, ask if they’d be willing to let you interview them.

The interviewing process doesn’t have to be elaborate. You can do it over the phone, in person, or by email. Once you’ve compiled their answers, craft it into a blog post.

If you’d rather, you can also interview many experts about a single topic. An example of a subject would be how to improve your social media presence.

After interviewing them, compile their answers and write up a single post. It’s likely to become a popular post with excellent tips for your readers.


To keep your audience entertained, developing enticing content is critical. At times you may feel like banging your head against the wall due to a lack of inspiration. No one said that content marketing would be easy!

Thankfully, you can find inspiration in many ways, but that’s a topic for another time. All you need to know is you must never give up. Find ways to write about things you love!

Don’t be afraid to take risks. If you don’t take any chances, it’ll be impossible to know if they work out. Sometimes the biggest risks result in the best rewards!

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