5 Best Sanitary Ware Brands 2024

Best Sanitary Ware brandsBest Sanitary Ware brands

Check out the Best Sanitary ware brands in the world and operating in India.

Bathrooms are considered to be as important as any other room in the house. With the modernization of Indian living conditions, traditional bathrooms have slowly been moved out.

Just like the Western countries, bathrooms are used by home buyers to spend some time in a fresh and cool environment.

Best Sanitary Ware brands

Thanks to some of the trendy and stylish sanitary ware brands, these experiences are even more beautiful.

Mentioned below are some of the best Sanitary ware brands in 2024.


Jaquar provides world-class products in sanitary ware. Founded by NL Mehra in 1960, the company provides a complete high-quality quality, and designer bathing solution to customers. Today, Jaquar is considered to be a market leader in stylish bathroom fittings.

Closets, urinals, shower enclosures, lighting products, washbasins, steam cabins, etc. are some of the products manufactured by Jaquar.


Cera is one of the leading brands in sanitary ware products in India. The company has been producing high-quality, stylish, and innovative products right from the 1980s. Cera products have an extra shine over other sanitary ware products in India, the reason being the usage of natural gas during their production.

The company also has a superb after-sales service for its customers. Some of the exciting products manufactured by Cera include a 6919 sensor tap, an electronic flushing system, plastic seat cover, wooden and table-top wash-basins, shower chairs, wall-mounted rails and grab bars. Having been voted as the Product of the Year in 2012 in the sanitary ware segment, the company is considered one of the top 100 brands in India.


Aquant is yet another popular brand making quality Shower systems, faucets, washbasins, ceramic cisterns, EWC, and urinals can be called world-class lifestyle products.

Aquantindia.com is their website and from their website, you can download the product catalog too. They have also setup live shower display units in most locations in India.

Another mentioned thing is that they use European original parts which offer long-lasting service.


Hindware is one of the leading brands in sanitary ware not only in India but across the globe. The company which was founded in 1960 by Mr. Rajendra K Somany as Hindustan Twyfords mainly to produce vitreous ceramics in India has become a global brand producing the best world-class sanitary ware products.

The company has done some exquisite designs and produced innovative products in the market, the design and technology can be compared with a masterpiece. Some of the products manufactured by the company like bidets, washbasins, ceramic cisterns, EWC, and urinals can be called world-class lifestyle products.


Parryware company was started in India as a part of EID Parry which has been in the business for more than 225 years. It was then taken over by Murugappa Group and is now a 100% subsidiary of Roca Bathroom Products Pvt Ltd. The company is the pioneer in introducing new trends and technologies in the sanitary ware industry.

Parryware brand is one of the most renowned brands in the introduction of a cistern, toilet suits, dual flush, and microbial surfaces. It provides practical, contemporary, and value-for-money products to its customers.


Founded by John Michael Kohler in the 1870s, Kohler is one of the oldest and leading global brands manufacturing sanitary ware products. The company has manufactured some of the best products for bathrooms and kitchen, furniture, engines, generators, etc. https://kohler.co.in is their website.

Some of the products manufactured by Kohler include bathroom faucets, toilets, showers, sinks, bathroom accessories, etc. Their products are made of good quality and very stylish.

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