How to Change Vkontakte Password ( Account Password)

Change Vkontakte PasswordChange Vkontakte Password

AdvicesAcademy guide on how to change Vkontakte Password ( Account password).

Just like Facebook, Google+ and Orkut and Twitter, there is one more popular social network by name or We all know VKontakte as a Facebook alternative to Russian people but interestingly after introducing the VK English version, people all around the world like their stay on Mostly the Asian people, feels safer when they are Vkontakte as another way to connect with new friends and people around the world.

Change Vkontakte Password

After going through the guide on how to Create Vkontakte Fan Page, here goes our guide on how to change Vkontakte password. Many people forget their password and it can happen with your account as well. It’s advised that you keep your password secure and easily remembered by you. It’s advised that you don’t store the password on your Firefox/Chrome browser as this is one way of easy to forget password. Although it will be hard for you to provide logins each time even though you have your personal computer, remembrance will always stay longer.

If you have forgotten your password, that’s another case but if you want to change your password, here is our guide.

  • Open on your PC preferably but not on mobile.
  • Login to your account with your credentials.
  • Now under My Settings, head to General. (by default General tab will be opened)
  • At the Change Password section, provide your current password and then enter your new password twice.
  • Hit Change Password to save Settings.

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That complete the guide. In the upcoming guide, we will go through instructions on how to recover Vkontakte account. Do share this article with your friends!

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