Automatically Add Facebook Open Graph to Your WordPress Blog

Check the process on how you can add Facebook open graph meta on your WordPress blog.

Mark Zuckerberg’s longtime dream of Facebook being a competitor of Google in Searches has now taken a reality as Facebook team has come up with Open Graph Protocol. So what is Open Graph? It’s a new Facebook’s programming technology which enriches any web page on Internet to transform it into rich object in social graph. We actually see the mission is to make the world open and connected graphically. And Facebook Graph Search on other hand is just into beta inviting users for wait list. Graph Search will be completely different from Google Searches.facebook open graphfacebook open graph

So how can you turn any web page into open graph objects? Quite simple! To turn any website page into graph objects you should add metadata to it. The four required properties are og:title, og:type, og:image and og:url. Along with those two other important parameters namely og:site_name and og:description are added. The coding part is very much difficult for a blogger but if you know a little of programming skills then you can implement this code directly into your WordPress blog.

Alternatively if you just want to stay away from any touch to coding part, then you can make use of WP Facebook Open Graph Protocol WordPress plugin. We all know that plugins are our best friends to make things easy for us. Here in this guide check out how you can automatically add Facebook Open Graph within 2 minutes of your time.

  • Download the WP Facebook Open Graph Protocol Plugin.
  • Login into your WP Admin account and under Plugins hit Add New.
  • Navigate to Upload.
  • Navigate to the path and click on Install Now.
  • Once that is done, Activate the Plugin.
  • Now go to Settings > Facebook OGP and provide your Facebook USER ID and hit Save Settings.

That’s it! Done.

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