5 Ways to Make Creativity Part of Your Everyday Life

Creativity in daily lifeCreativity in daily life

Everyone could use a little bit more creativity in their lives. From practicing a musical instrument to living in the moment, there are ways you can become more artistic.

Being an artist doesn’t mean you have to perfect any set skill. All it means is that you’re willing to focus on learning more about yourself. And that in and of itself is fulfilling.

By being innovative, you’ll improve your life and find inspiration where you least expect it!

1. Take Pictures of Things You Love

It’s easy to take pictures using a smartphone since we always have our phones with us. But the next time you grab your camera, try taking a picture of something unique.

It could be the evening sky is beautiful where you’re picking up dinner. Take a moment to snap a picture of the sunset and savor the moment.

Photos are perfect for memories, but they can also be therapeutic. So, take the time to take pictures of things that make you happy. It’ll allow you to be creative with your camera and take photos of things you usually wouldn’t.

2. Set Up a Creative Space

Inspiration is more likely to strike when you have a space to create! There are a few unique things you can add to a work area that’ll prompt you to try new things:

Comfortable & Functional Furniture

Having comfy and functional furniture will make a difference in your workspace!

You’re more apt to relax in your space if you have a comfortable working chair. So look for a swivel chair that you can sit in longer and work on your projects!

Having a functional and large enough desk is also essential. You need enough room to spread out and work on your hobby or write.

You may also choose to work on a computer in your new space, so keep that in mind when you’re figuring out the ideal layout.

Laptop Skin

Be artistic with the accessories in your space as well! For example, if your laptop needs a makeover, try putting a vinyl laptop skin on it!

Laptop skins are fantastic at offering your computer some protection from dings. Plus, skin looks fashionable too! There are all sorts of colors and patterns you can choose from as well.

So, select a laptop skin that fits your personality, and you’ll love seeing it on your laptop every time you open it!

3. Record Creative Thoughts

We all have thoughts that come to mind that are creative. For example, you may be shopping when you see some twinkling lights. You can picture having some in your backyard. As you visualize the setting, it looks beautiful!

When inspiration like that strikes, you don’t want to forget your idea. So as soon as you get back into the car, jot down your thoughts.

Continue to make a habit of writing down creative thoughts. That way, you’ll have a journal of fun activities and ideas!

So, buy yourself a small notebook and put it inside your car. You’ll have innovative thoughts written down that’ll make life more fun!

4. Master a New Creative Hobby

Has there been a creative hobby that you’ve wanted to try? If so, don’t let anything hold you back from embracing what could be a newfound skill!

A few examples of creative hobbies are:

  • Knitting
  • Baking
  • DIY projects
  • Decorating
  • Jewelry making
  • Musical instrument

Even if you don’t think you’ll enjoy one of these hobbies, you may surprise yourself. Enroll yourself in a class or learn one of these hobbies on your own.

You may find that you love making jewelry or that now, you want to set up an Etsy shop to sell your incredible hats from knitting!

5. Focus on Today

It’s easy to get caught up worrying about the future. But worrying won’t allow you to grow into the person you yearn to be.

Instead, focus on today and live life to the fullest. Think about what you can do to improve your life and find inspiration.

You can do countless activities to bring meaning to your life, such as what I mentioned.

Think of what makes you happy and imaginative. So many beautiful things will come from your willingness to make positive changes!


Creativity comes in many forms, and you have what it takes to figure out what gives you joy. So besides writing down your thoughts, starting a new hobby, and more, think of other ways to be more artistic.

Make an effort to engage with your right brain (that’s the creative side!), and you’ll certainly find your bliss!

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