How to Bring About a Minimalist Touch to Your Apartment

Minimalist Touch to ApartmentMinimalist Touch to Apartment

Contrary to what many would like to believe, minimalism is far from being just a concept. Instead, it’s a way of life. When one says that he or she is meant to lead a minimalistic life, it translates to a person finding happiness as well as ecstasy within things that surround them. In essence, minimalists try to find intense joy as well as fulfil all their desires by choosing items that are simple and plain. On the flip side, people who do not believe in minimalism will tend to feel that such people live a life that’s cold and unfulfilling.

Minimalists are never affected by what others have to say about them. Instead, they are happy with their way of leading life, which, by all means, seems to be a more sorted way of living life. As such, their approach to living life transcends into their apartment as well in terms of interior decor, choice of lighting, colors, and much more. Here’s a look at how one can go about decorating their apartment in a stylish and minimalistic way.

Interior Design

When it comes to interior design, a minimalist always tries to include fewer items of decor, thus eliminating all unnecessary stuff. The idea is to start afresh and choose what is needed to lead a good life. Let us begin with furniture, which is seemingly one of the essential aspects of decor for an apartment. When buying furniture strictly from a minimalist viewpoint, there are quite a few factors that come into play.

The first being affordability. No matter what furniture you choose, it should be affordable for the family and go well with the other interior decor elements. Furthermore, the furniture shouldn’t be just good to look at but also functional as well. For instance, a minimalist would never spend money on buying a chair that looks outright dandy, but in the long run, it is just a piece of useless luxury junk.

Also, before buying one needs to decide on the space that the furniture is meant to occupy, so that one doesn’t have to shift its position later on. It’s always a wise call to visit a physical furniture store and measure the furniture and match the same with the space inside the house so that there is no confusion at the end.

Living Spaces

The minimalistic approach demands that you leave a lot of open spaces within your 3 BHK apartment in B.T. Road, Kolkata and using them efficiently with small decor items. Such an approach accounts for a more breathable vibe across the area of your house and brings about a relaxing vibe, which is a potent sign of a minimalistic lifestyle.

The Predominance of Art

A minimalist homeowner would always give utmost importance to the inclusion of art amongst other decor elements of the house. But, one shouldn’t choose to invest in just any kind of artwork, but one that stands out to be universally attractive.

Consider placing such a piece in the most appealing corner of your apartment. If you can’t lay your hands on to a piece of original art, for budget or non-availability, you might as well choose to invest in canvas prints.

Choice of Lights

Lighting also plays an important fiddle to impart a minimalistic touch to your living spaces. It not only functions to alter the vibe of the house but also sets the mood right for one and all. One can choose from a wide range of small to moderate designer lamps that not only occupy less space but also cast a large beam of light.

While chandeliers are an extravagant option, the light emitted by them might be a little off if you are trying to keep a touch of minimalism constant throughout your house.

The Fixtures

Hardware fixtures are another set of elements that play an essential role when one is looking to design their apartment. It includes a wide range of light fittings as well as storage units, which play a crucial role in altering the look of the house. While buying such items, one should always try to keep in mind that they should match the color as well as the pattern and also fit the affordable bracket.

It’s only common for people to confuse minimalism with affordability. However, with hardware fixtures, this is never the case. This is chiefly because across the market, there will be plenty of shops that sell cheap fixtures, but their quality is sub-par as one would have to change them frequently. So, always ensure to choose functional and straightforward designs, even if they are a bit costly, as one can always weigh out the longevity of such an item, which is still a worthy option.

Wrap Up

So, you see, minimalism is all about giving space to your own beliefs and ideals, which effectively translates to the overall decor of your apartment. One should always remember that simplicity is undoubtedly the cornerstone of minimalism and is open for anyone willing to adapt it in a disciplined manner. Stay away from investing in fancy decor items and go for a plain and simple look to uplift the beauty of your surroundings. Design your apartment in a way that truly reflects your personality in front of onlookers and any visitor who comes to your house.

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