My Experience Buying Laptop with the Help of Coupon Machine

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To bringout I had purchased a laptop with the help of their advices, here is my overall experience.

Although I have always known that education is more theoretical than practical, I wanted to enroll in an institution of higher learning that did the opposite – offered more practical education than theories in IT. Luckily, my father found me a good university here in Hyderabad. But there was one big problem. As a student who was about to join the University for a four year Bachelor’s course in Information Technology, I knew schooling without a laptop will be a challenge.

After paying my first semester tuition fees, my father had little money left to take care of family needs for the remaining part of the month. After all, the good, caring and loving old man was already doing great taking of a family that he cares about and love the most. I didn’t want to make further demands, the least of which is that I would need a laptop before joining college.

I wasn’t fresh from high school. I had been home for about a year or so before the time to join college came, and in those moments, I worked in a local fruits company where they used to pay me to work as a junior supervisor. The job helped me do a lot; I had already moved out of my parents’ home and was living not far from them. According to my father, I was a responsible boy who was slowly making progress with his life, except the thought of buying a laptop never came to my mind – not until the time to join college came.

I only had $300 USD as my savings; the rest I had used to buy a nice house, so I wouldn’t have to struggle about rentals at all. But was this money really enough to get me a laptop? I wasn’t comfortable about the idea of using school’s computer lab; I wanted something personalized. I searched for a couple of deals online, and I came across a site by the URL, whose title was more appealing and the content therein seemed quite rewarding. The description about who they are was great. Their explanation on how they help people to shop at discount prices from thousands of online stores was promising.

I sent a quick mail, asking for an explanation on how to use the site and what the benefits of using the site were. I got a quick response, and the explanation in the mail was clear and convincing. The support rep introduced me to stores like Flipkart, eBay and Amazon. Also, they mentioned to me that I can get the laptop that I wanted from Paytm store at discount price if I used their coupon code.

I shared the idea with my father, and he said that I should try it because it sounded promising. I didn’t hesitate. I redeemed a coupon code, with the help of support team from Coupon Machine, made a purchase order at discount price – the discount was 30% of my $300 USD. The shipment didn’t take long; in fact, I got the laptop delivered at my doorstep on the second day after ordering. Thank you for your professional service.

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