5 Major Tips on How to Look Perfect on a Date

How to Look Perfect on a DateHow to Look Perfect on a Date

Despite some common beliefs telling that a man only needs a couple of T-shirts, a shirt, a jumper, and a pair of jeans to look great, the reality is a bit more complicated. In recent years, guys began to pay more attention to their wardrobe, and some even manage to create really unique images.

How to Look Perfect on a Date

If you want to look perfect but don’t know where to start, these tips will come in handy. Let’s start with the typical mistakes that most guys make because of negligence or lack of taste.

Forget about Jeans with a Low waist

Jeans with a low waist, especially the ones where underwear peeps out from under them, were kind of popular about 15 years ago, but now they’re absolutely irrelevant and have nothing to do with style. The same applies to oversized jeans and trousers which representatives of some subcultures love so much.

They visually shorten your legs and make your image unaesthetic. Leave such pants to rappers. But if the line between the legs isn’t too low, and the width of the pants is kept within reasonable limits, you can leave them in your wardrobe. But this still doesn’t mean that you can wear them on a date.

Any Detail Matters

Nothing makes a man look awesome like a classic suit, but even if the suit and shoes are matched perfectly, and everything fits, such a small wardrobe item as socks can spoil your image completely.

In no case should you wear white socks with the dark suit. Socks should match either the color of the shoes or the color of the suit.

By the way, pay attention to the length of your socks. When you sit, your naked leg shouldn’t stick out from under your pants.

Too Many Accessories

You’d think that jewelry is a women’s thing, but it’s not so: some men actually like to wear massive chains, pendants, crosses, thick bracelets, and so on. But what really elegant and stylish is expensive cufflinks, an elegant tie pin, or an engagement ring.

Pay attention to the watch you wear: it’s better to choose a simple, but elegant model rather than a fancy, bright fake.

How to button your Jacket Properly

Men, who don’t know how to wear jackets and cardigans, usually button them up. You shouldn’t do this! When putting on a jacket or cardigan, always leave the bottom button unbuttoned. By the way, to look stylish, you need to pay attention to the length of the sleeves.

The sleeve of the shirt should peep out a little from under the jacket’s sleeve. Also, always make sure that the collar of the shirt is carefully ironed.

Even the most elegant image can be destroyed with such a small detail as a crumpled collar.

Your Tie Should Look Perfect

A tie is always a sign of good taste, but a tie that doesn’t match your look is a total failure. If you don’t know how to choose a tie – don’t wear it at all. Most men have problems choosing the right length, width, and pattern. How to pick the right tie? It should end near the top of the belt buckle. Its width should be matched to the width of the lapels: wide lapels and thin tie mean complete disharmony.

As for color, the darker the suit, the more intense the color of the tie should be. Some guys aren’t sure what tie to wear with a checkered shirt. In this case, a plain gray or black tie would be an excellent choice.

In addition, it’s important not only to know how to match styles and colors but also learn how to pick suits according to your complexion. A short, corpulent man would look ridiculous in white trousers and a dark double-breasted jacket. If you aren’t that tall, you should wear trousers of a darker shade than the top. If you want to look slimmer, choose a shirt of a lighter shade than the jacket. A long scarf will help hide your belly, and a single-button or two-buttoned jacket will make you look more slender.

That’s about all you need to know to pick the right suit for a date. Now it’s time to find yourself some company at https://vavadating.com/girls/ and try out these tips.

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