10 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a SmartPhone

mistakes to avoid while buying a mobile phonemistakes to avoid while buying a mobile phone

Are you planning to spend few hundred dollars for a smartphone? If the answer is yes, then make sure that you don’t make any mistakes which are mentioned below.

You might have seen one week or one month brand new phones are available for resale. In most cases people have made some basic mistakes while buying the smartphone. If you are in the stage of going with a brand new smartphone, throwing away your old device or it’s not functioning, make sure you check out following 10 mistakes to avoid –

Don’t Go for Attractive Deal Offers

Smartphones are priced accordingly to their specs and they are relatively expensive – this doesn’t mean that you have no scope for deals on smartphones. Adverts like ‘up to 50% off on phones MPR’ can be attractive but they have purpose hidden behind. A discount or offer of 5% to 10% is what the mobile phone dealer’s offer. Don’t expect much discount beyond that.

Go Through Features

Most of smartphones comes with a number of features and high-end functionalities. While you are at a showroom, request a representative to take you through features of that particular handset.

Check For Users Reviews

Before purchasing a smartphone, do check out for specific reviews of that handset on online stores like Flipkart, Amazon. Almost all the phones are reviewed by users who have purchased the handset and not necessarily all reviews to be true.

Read Techies Reviews

Many tech bloggers thoroughly review smartphones. This is where you can find each and every small thing about a particular handset.

Check Data/Internet Plans
While selecting an internet plan after you have purchased the phone, don’t blindly go with suggestions of store executive. Go through each plans available and choose the one which best describes your needs.

Battery Life
Going for handset, the important thing you should check out is the battery life the device runs. This is relating to how frequent you will need to charge your handset. You can check out, top smartphones with best battery life.

Check for OS
You should be pretty much clear to choose the right operating system. While Android & iOS are the popular platform, Windows, BlackBerry, Firefox OS are growing slowly and steadily. This is because many features are available/not available on one or the other OS.


Many of you might be going with touchscreen phones for the first time. If you are moving from keypad devices to touchscreen phones, you should be sure to get hands-on with the device and go with it. Moreover if you are not careful enough to handle the handset, we recommend to go with keypad phones only.

Screen Display
Right now in the market, smartphones with 6 inches, 5 inches have become more prevalent. One shouldn’t blindly purchase Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Mega blindly. You shouldn’t regret afterwards when you have purchased your device. I am not comfortable with 5 inches display phones, so I have 4 inches phone with me right now.

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Ask for Warranty & Return Policy
Many retailers have option of return policy. If you don’t like a handset, you can return it back if the retailer has return policy. And importantly ask for warranty of your device, accessories since you never know when your device turns out to be defective. Ask for a computer generated bill.

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