Best Fitness Apps for Apple Watch

Craze for the upcoming Apple watch among youth is known by everyone nowadays. Among lots of rich apps of this future gadget, health apps in this excellent product of Apple are involved within fantastic features. Definitely, when you purchase Apple Watch, it will be on your wrist always replacing the traditional watch. It will definitely prove as the best effective tool to maintain your fitness.

Fitness TrackerFitness Tracker

Fitness Apps for Apple Watch

So, are you interested to know the list of the Best Fitness Apps for Apple Watch? Here we have outlined some of the best available in the market right now but we will surely update them as we find any other perfectly suitable to fit here.

If yes, have a look of some leading fitness apps here –


Activity tracker for the Apple Watch, Attivo offers you the facility of recording your cycles, runs and walks. Once after recording the number of cycles during the exercise, you can upload it and gain experience points. This will take you towards the higher level. You need nothing but to swipe up for detailed status whenever you wish to see your performance in certain physical activity.

Apart from this feature, you can see a map in the app that locates the place where you are and places where you have been. In this way, finding the path becomes simplified and you won’t ever lose your way.

Aqua Pura

This amazing app takes care of your health well. By tracking the amount of water you have consumed, this app keeps you hydrated and vital all the time. It checks the amount of water you have consumed during the past week and indicates whether you are taking sufficient amount of water or not.

People often forget to take the right amount of water due to busy schedule and lose their fitness ultimately. This app will never let your body undergo dehydration.


One of the Best Fitness Apps for Apple Watch is Gymaholic. This app works well for those who want to track their gym activities regularly. You will be able to track your exercise sessions on screen along with other important information such as number of cycles, your body weight etc.

This app will help you know whether you are doing the task properly for meeting your goal of excellent physic or not. One more thing to know about Gymaholic is that you can track the exercises you have done. Incomplete exercises are listed as marked.


This especially designed app tracks your run. Featuring stopwatch well and controlling it fantastically during the exercise, this app helps you excel in running.

Under the track records, splits offer you inputs about pace overtime records while elevations represent detailed insight about gained or lost elevation throughout the running session.


Are you looking for an exciting outdoor fitness app to install in your Apple watch? If yes, your search ends in Trails. It is nothing but an awesome fitness tracking app that shows live graphs of four major stats. You are free to select over 20 statistics from various ones such as heart rate, speed, pulse and so on.

It also offers you the chance of creating waypoints shortly during the time of tracking records. Just a single tap works for starting new recording without any complicated and long process.

So, these are the Best Fitness Apps for Apple Watch to be installed definitely. You will definitely be able to gain good status of fitness by installing these apps in your fantastic Apple gadget.

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