How to Lock Apps on iPhone with Touch ID

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In this guide check out how to lock apps on iPhone with Touch ID especially on iPhone 5S phone.

The best thing about having an iDevice would be getting to lock individual apps with Applocker for iOS 7, Cydia. People who have iDevices usually opt for the jailbreak option because there are a lot of features that Apple does not provide. like WiFi tethering or setting of customized ringtone. A few weeks ago a tool for untethered jailbreak was released by evasion7. And then a jailbreak tweak called Applocker was discovered for iOS which would enable iDevices to get lock individual apps with Touch ID on iPhone 5S or higher.

Lock Apps on iPhone with Touch ID

Cydia allows different kinds of jailbreak tweak, which could enable the users to lock any application on their phone, any kind of access could be denied on their phone when these lock codes were setup but they would all be dependent on locks and numbers. the passwords included letters. alphabets or numbers. You can use this guide to lock WhatsApp on iPhone.

Touch ID which is something that has been put to use recently by the app called Applocker which is exclusively for iOS 7 which uses Touch ID to lock individual applications on iPhone 5S.

So now if you want to lock an app on your iPhone 5S, you don’t have to worry anymore. nor do you need the old method of numbers and letters, all you need to do is have Applocker on your phone and you can scan your thumb impression on the screen of your phone and open the application that is password protected.

No more letters, numbers or alphabets now, only Touch ID.

So, that how you can Lock Apps on iPhone with Touch ID.

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