How to Fix iPhone 6 WiFi Problems, Connection Issues

The new Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus running on iOS 8, has entangle into many problems and hence iOS 8.0.1 update was released. Soon after iOS 8.0.1 a new update to 8.0.2 was released highlighting more bug fixes. Furthermore, iOS 8 update was available to all other iOS devices as well and this has trouble lot many people who already have done their best to keep their smartphone problem free.fix iPhone 6 WiFi Problemsfix iPhone 6 WiFi Problems

iPhone 6 WiFi Problems

One of the most talking issue that was found on iPhone 6 is the problem relating to WiFi Connectivity and the same WiFi connection bug is also found on iPhone 6 Plus. Certainly it annoying for users who can’t connect their phone to WiFi and this is not the first time that Apple iPhone and iPad had run into WiFi issues.

If you own iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and updated the software to the latest iOS release and facing issues with WiFi, you can try to fix WiFi issues by following the given troubleshooting guide –

Check with WiFi Channel or Router

When you have issues with your iPhone connecting to WiFi router, there are certain parameters to consider. Maybe there is problem with WiFi channels on your router. When your device is kept halt for certain period of time, it sleeps and connection to WiFi drops. It will try to reconnect when you unlock the screen.

If your iPhone 6 is with any of the following symptoms then changing your WIFI broadcasting channel will be the best idea –

  • Slow WiFi
  • iPhone 6 disconnects from WiFi network
  • Doesn’t show WiFi signal
  • Poor WiFi signal
  • Shows WiFi signal but not able browse

Change WiFi Channel

Any WiFi router has ability to broadcast WiFi in channels from 1 to 8. Try changing the WiFi channel on your router and see if that fixes the issues on your iPhone 6. Altogether if you need to change the channel on your router, then contact your router customer support.

iPhone 6 Reset Network Settings

If changing the WiFi channel hasn’t fixed the iPhone 6 WiFi connection problem then resetting the Network Settings on your device might be the possible solution. This will wipe out all the settings you have done with your router and you need to fresh reconnect your device with WiFi password. Follow the process mentioned below –

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Tap on General and then again hit Reset.
  • Now tap on Reset Network Settings.

Once that is done, do a quick reboot and try connecting to WiFi now.

iPhone 6 Software Update

As a last option you should try to re-install the iOS on your iPhone 6. You can either wait for a new software update or download the IPSW file of iOS 8.0.2 and apply the firmware. Once download, backup data on your device, connect your device to iTunes and select Restore from iTunes option menu, then pick the IPSW file.

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