How to Fix Status 7 Error Message on Android Phones

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In this guide check out how to Fix Status 7 error message found on Android phones and tablets easily.

When one has an Android phone there are so many things that one would want to do with it. There are a number of things that you would want to install and there are a number of problems that occur when you try and install the firmware that you are wanting to put in your phone. We have gone through several other Android common error fixing guide like – Package File Invalid, Android Phone not booting error and in this guide we show you why you get Fix Status 7 Error Message and solution to fix it.

Android: Status 7 Error Message

An error message of status 7 is a common message that one sees whenever he/she is installing a custom ROM on a Samsung phone, or any android phone for that matter. Below given is the easiest way to overcome this error and continue with the installation of the firmware that you were initially installing.

We see status 7 error because the updater script file of ROM that you are installing checks the compatibility of this with your phone. These are safety mechanisms so that another phones ROM is not installed on your phone otherwise you will find your phone hard bricked.

All this mechanism is fine, but many a times it happens that even when you have the correct ROM for your phone, during installation they will display this message. This happens because the developer of it might be working on this ROM for another phone model as well before the given phone, and after that might have forgotten to change the given script for this particular device of yours, hence you will get this message when the ROM is compatible with your device too.

This is how you should continue even when you get a status 7 error message –

  • Toggle Signature Verification’ option should be enabled while on the recovery mode. Make sure that it reads enabled.
  • From the SD card that you have select Install Zip from SD Card.
  • Further you will see that the device will ask you if you want to proceed with the given request which is installation of the of the untrusted zip file to which you will have to hit a yes.
  • That’s all you had to do. Now you can install whatever ROM or firmware that you like to install on your android device, whichever time you like.

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