How to Change Snapchat Username

Change Snapchat UsernameChange Snapchat Username

In this guide check out how to change Snapchat Username easily with few clicks.

For Snapchat users who have been dreading their names and other info is included as part of the database of leaked information that Snapchat has witnessed a few days ago, there’s good news. While the immediate reaction of the Snapchat website after its huge 4.6 million database of usernames and their phone number along with other details were hacked was to suspend the site, it is on road again.

So if you’re addicted to Snapchat and wish to continue using this popular app for connecting with friends and others just continue with it. You can take precautionary steps like deleting your Snapchat or removing the phone number that has been given to it. Once you delete the Snapchat user account a new one can be opened, and you can connect across to people you know with it. Alternately, just change the existing Snapchat user name.

Snapchat Username: Can It Be Changed?

While Snapchat still doesn’t permit users to change their name there is a roundabout way to go on this, one that lets you clear the compromised data and get to safer grounds. Follow these steps for that.

  • Delete the old Snapchat account by following our exclusive guide on How to Delete Snapchat Account. Do remember that this action is permanent.
  • Open the Snapchat app from App Drawer and click on an icon located on bottom-left side when you open Camera interface. This displays the in-app settings. Here, tap on ‘Gear’ icon located on top-right corner. You have to scroll to the bottom and choose ‘Log out’ for logging out of the old Snapchat account.
  • On Snapchat login interface click on a button for re-sign up for a new Snapchat account. Once instructions given are followed account creation is completed. Remember, a new account with the same username as the previously deleted one can never be created again.
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