Best Android Baseball Game Apps for Phone, Tablet, Phablet

Feel the magic of touch with the android mobile phones. Days are gone when mobile phones were used for just calling and messaging text to your friends and relatives. Today, smart phones have taken over the traditional phones which are not only used for its calling functionality, but also for various other activities like transferring funds in bank accounts, accessing internet, scanning/printing of documents and playing games. Smartphones in today’s world have emerged as one of the best companions for individuals. You can play games on your Android phone and as part of our AdvicesAcademy best Android apps series, we have listed Best Android Baseball game apps here.Android Baseball gamesAndroid Baseball games

Best Android Baseball Games

There are various android apps available which the users can select to play games like baseball. Mentioned below are few of the baseball games apps to play baseball online on your Android phone.

Baseball Superstars 2013

Baseball Superstars 2013 is perhaps the best baseball game available in the android market. The app gives the users an ultimate experience of the baseball and features all the superstars and famous teams of baseball in the world over. The 2013 edition of the game comes with enhanced pitching and batting moves.

With the new and enhanced version of this game, player experiences the moves as never before. The My Pitcher and My batter modes of baseball help the users to experience the best world-class experience to the users. The new edition of the app has enhanced and vibrant High Definition Graphics and presents several challenging quests. The My Batter and My Pitcher modes help the users to perfect their shot making skills. You can download Baseball Superstars 2013 via Google Play.

9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011

9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011 is the No. 1 baseball game available today. It is officially licensed by Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) and uses the names and stats of around 1400 real baseball players in over 30 teams. Infact, it is the only game which uses the real names, photos, data, etc. of the real basketball player.

The game is built by Com2uS which is one of the global leaders in mobile games. The graphics shown in the game is more realistic. The app also have real time schedule of the actual league of 2013. You can download 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011 on your Android phone via Google Play.

Baseball Hero

Baseball Hero is the most realistic baseball game available in Google play. The game has three modes – practice, career and quickplay. Practice game can be used to practice the batting to hit the balls for home runs, quickplay for playing a short game and career to save and play games.

With high quality 3D graphics and animations, the game provides an ultimate baseball experience. It provides the realistic ball movement. A single swipe of the screen with the finger can be used to control pitching and batting. The better flick of the finger to the hit the ball can be used to hit home run of the ball. You can download Baseball Hero on your Android Phone via Google Play.

Baseball Superstars

Baseball Superstars is an easy to learn baseball game, perfectly designed for the beginners. Baseball Superstars is available in both free and paid versions. The paid version has no level restrictions. The users can get a better crystal clear HD quality image quality.

It has an expanded My Batter and My Pitcher modes for better control of the games. This game has some of the best smart controls and intelligent AI. The users can also collect super players. Download Baseball Superstars on your Android Device!

Baseball vs Zombies

Baseball vs Zombies is a different kind of baseball game. Unlike other games, Baseball vs Zombies is a fantasy game. City is under attack by virus attack which has converted the whole city to zombie land. The baseball team of the city tries to resist the zombies from entering into the stadium to save the mankind.

The game has an amazing sound effect and it is an intense game play. There are different weapons and team attack to kill the zombies. There are five different player units with great ability. One of the best action games in Android market.

You can download Baseball vs Zombies on your Android phone via Google Play.

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Android games are definitely one of the best ways to kill your time. Some of these games have real life high definition graphics which make them look realistic too. While the sports games provide the gamers with various challenging situations for them; air control games provide the best of the simulations. These games are meant for all the user groups, for kid, or for senior citizens. Few of the games are available for free of cost, whereas, most of them provide the trial version for free of cost. Overall, these games provide good value for money invested.

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