Tips to Remove Grout in Bathroom Tiles

Grout in Bathroom TilesGrout in Bathroom Tiles

Removing grout in bathroom tiles is necessary for bathrooms that need to be updated. For older bathrooms, retouching the grout is not appropriate rather removal is necessary when grout is soiled and filthy.  Grout is usually hard to maintain. You cannot expect the grout to be very clean all the time because it naturally absorbs water and dirt. The grout material itself which is comprised of cement and other additives makes it rough and uneven.

Grout in Bathroom Tiles

Grout is a part of your tiled bathroom where soap, dirt particles and mold are found to clog. Even with the use of brushes, grout cannot be totally cleaned up. And because of dirt build up over time, grout needs some replacement and totally removed. This is where the challenge happens. You need to remove the grout very carefully without breaking or damaging bathroom tiles.

Removing the grout is a laborious and tedious job. This is because you do it slowly to ensure that you don’t break the bathroom tiles, once portions of the tiles are broken, replacing them is a difficult job. Removing grout is necessary because simply bonding new grout over the old is not a successful effort. When removing the grout, you should be properly protected. Since removing grout will create dust, you need to protect your eyes and nose. You also need to look after your bathroom fixtures like counters, mirrors and others against the grout dust. There are ways where you can avoid tedious clean up after removing grout from bathroom tiles. One is to use dust sheets and if you are removing grout that is very near to the tile, you can protect the tile by taping them on the grout edge with masking tape.

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Next is to choose the tools that you are going to use to remove the grout. Your choice is between manual tools and power tools. Your manual tools include a grout saw with a carbine tipped blade and a grout scraper with a carbide tip. You should have enough knowledge or skill to operate the tools and to have enough patience and perseverance to do the tedious job. Manual tools are used commonly and they are easy to manipulate and inexpensive. Power tools on the other hand may be costly but provides a better help as well. You can use both manual and power tools in order to make grout removal efforts with speed and accuracy.

As you dig down the grout using the saw, pulling the grout out from the hollow can be done using the grout scraper. You need to use your force but make sure to control it in order to totally remove the old grout. Grout removal may be very difficult, but with the proper use of tools and perseverance, you can surely give your bathroom an exceptional upgrade.

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