Simple Ways to Repaint Bathroom Cabinets – Ideas, Tips

Repaint Bathroom CabinetsRepaint Bathroom Cabinets

Check out simple ways to repaint Bathroom Cabinets i.e., Bathroom cabinets ideas, and tips.

One of the exciting and effective ways of introducing a fresher look for your bathroom cabinets and kitchen is through repainting using the color of your choice. You can choose a two-tone color that will produce a combination of elegant and clean look for your cabinet.

Repaint Bathroom Cabinets

This type of approach is one of the basic techniques of improving the appearance of cabinets; and because of this, most experts in this field adopt wood repainting. Apart from adding polish to the bathroom cabinets, you are also enhancing the texture and color of these.

In order to produce a satisfactory result, there are some important steps you have to follow when you perform this repainting task:

Step 1: Empty the Bathroom Cabinet

The first thing you need to do is to empty the cabinet and bathroom vanity. It will give you enough room to carry out this job without interference. After emptying the cabinet, see to it that its sides are also cleared up.

Get started by preparing bathroom cabinet like you would prepare for other things.

Step 2: Choose Bathroom Cabinet Color

After accomplishing the first step, choose the color you will need for repainting. Basically, there are two types of coloring options in painting your bathroom cabinets: one is the base coat, while the other one is the glaze. When you buy latex, think about purchasing the oil-based variety since this is more durable.

Make sure that you choose the colors that will suit each other so that after you have completed the painting task, the end result will look more stylish. If you are not sure how will the color combination look like after you have finished, you can paint a few squares first.

If you noticed a cracked corner, wipe the dirt and other particles so as to have a plain and smooth surface when you paint. Then, sweep the floor to have a clean work area and to ensure that no dirt can mix with the paint.

If you want to do this task in a specific area, use a screw-driver to remove cabinet doors and transfer them to your preferred work area. Then, brush on the base coat first using a narrow brush. It is important to apply more color to its base especially when cabinets are naturally dark in color.

Further, make sure that you are making even strokes as you paint since even with this technique alone, you can make your bathroom cabinet look neat and well-designed.

Step 3: Wait and Watch

After you have completed applying the base coat, let it dry first before you start combining the glaze coat.

Step 4: Re-Arrange Bathroom Cabinets

It’s time to move bathroom accessories and vanities back to cabinet. If you do it in an order, the repainted cabinet will be pleasing you as much as you love your bathroom.

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So those were some Bathroom cabinets ideas and tips.

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