All you need to know about Medical Marijuana

medical marijuanamedical marijuana

Medical marijuana still arouses great controversy. The issue of legalization of medicinal marijuana has been valid for years, and there is no indication that the problem will be quickly solved. Although now, patients in Canada and the USA can manage to get medications with marijuana, this is still a hot topic, and many people keep spreading and believing in common misconceptions. Its supporters and opponents continuously exchange arguments for personal reasons. Surprisingly, some people think it is a harmful drug, despite much evidence that marijuana is a natural remedy for several diseases. In this article, we will present to you all what you need to know about medical marijuana.

First medical usage of marijuana

Medical marijuana has been widely used as a medicine for thousands of years. Initially, it was primarily employed in Chinese medicine. For them, marijuana was an excellent anesthetic especially if it was mixed with wine. The Egyptians also noticed that cannabis had healing characteristics. They helped them especially in the fight against hemorrhoids.

In India marijuana proved to be an effective remedy for headaches and some disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Today, after years of studies, we know that marijuana can treat many more diseases. What is more, we can easily find shops that provide medical marijuana in cannabis online dispensary​.

The composition of marijuana includes two substances. Their proportions determine whether the herb will work on health or only for your well-being. They are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). The first of these is primarily responsible for introducing the body into a state of euphoria and intoxication, the latter – is less active. CBD is characterized by antipsychotic activity and has several other values that have a positive effect on health.

In the discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of marijuana, we should remember the proportions of these ingredients. Like most plants, marijuana also has several varieties. In some of the THC is in similar amount with CBD. Such a connection can provide psychotic experiences. Another variation of cannabis is widely considered to be healing and almost entirely devoid of psychoactive substances. Instead, it has more pro-healthy CBD that can really help in many cases.

Great painkiller

One of the most common applications of medical marijuana is to use it as a painkiller. Cannabis can activate specific nerves in the central nervous system. This allows for effective blocking of pain signals that reach the brain. Cannabis is particularly useful when dealing with neuropathic pain.

Marijuana also plays a huge role in fighting post-traumatic stress disorder known as PTSD. People struggling with this problem can be treated with medical marijuana with varied THC types, which helps not only to alleviate the effects of stress but also to sharpen the memory.

Help in falling asleep

THC also helps to better deal with flashbacks and nightmares typical for people with insomnia and other sleep disorders. Since 1980, THC has been a component of tablets administered to patients suffering from nausea and vomiting in the course of cancer. It is also the first drug based on THC, which has been approved by the FDA, which is a great success of people who are in favor of incorporating medical cannabis into broader circulation. Thanks to this approval, you can buy this remedy in a shop found in the​ cannabis online dispensary.

Increases appetite

We cannot underestimate the fact that THC not only reduces nausea, but also helps to stimulate the appetite, both in healthy people and patients. This is especially important for people with cancer and struggling with AIDS. More and more often people talk about the fact that this characteristic can also be used while treating people with the problem of anorexia.

Marijuana and Asthma

For some people treatment of Asthma with medicinal marijuana may arouse disbelief, but it turns out that THC and CDB have a beneficial effect on asthmatics. Marijuana especially helps at the moment when they have breathing problems. Research confirms that THC can reduce the scale of asthma attacks.


Researchers and patients have much hope for the efficacy of marijuana in the treatment of epilepsy. People who used medical marijuana often reported a significant drop in the daily number of attacks. Despite considerable doubts regarding the use of marijuana in case of children, there were many cases when both children and adults after treatment with medical marijuana began to function normally and significantly improved their quality of life.

Marijuana Application

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to smoke marijuana to achieve the desired effect. Medical marijuana comes in many forms that make it easier to use and extremely useful. You can find medical marijuana, among others, in drops, butter and pastes for external use. Oil from hemp seed is also widely known and available – you can successfully use it to relieve stress, regulate the sleep cycle and reduce pain. It also improves immunity, memory and concentration.

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