Why Use Hemp Oil for Pain?

Hemp Oil for PainHemp Oil for Pain

Hemp oil, also known as CBD oil, has grown in demand and its popularity keeps rising as time goes by. When you raise a query like, “where to buy hemp oil for pain?” it’s best to know the basics about CBD oil. After all, you have to do a ton of research before you settle on a brand you like, so why not start here?

Hemp oil has many uses and benefits, mostly because it’s not a psychoactive plant and the CBD that is extracted has very little THC; therefore, it can’t get you high. Hemp is part of the cannabis plant, and the plant is already tabooed in society, mainly because of marijuana. Even though there are many scandals behind marijuana (mainly because of its psychoactive properties), hemp is entirely different. Hemp is mostly legal for sale and provides you with the same benefits as medical marijuana without the worry about getting high.

Hemp oil has been used for its medicinal benefits for a long time. For centuries, hemp oil was consumed for pain relief. Now, with modern science taking over, the benefits of hemp oil are set to move forward in a new direction.

What is CBD Oil?

A cannabis plant has over sixty elements in it called cannabinoids. From these sixty, there are two compounds which stand out in particular, THC and CBD. THC has always managed to capture the most attention because of its controversial effects, that is, it’s a psychoactive compound. The other major component, CBD, is present in high quantities in the hemp plant and is known more for its pain-relieving benefits and not being a psychoactive.

Even though there are no conclusive studies on hemp oil extracts, results from past reviews and customer testimonials prove that CBD helps with chronic pain and mental illnesses like anxiety. Hemp oil extract is known to reduce inflammation, seizures, and it’s a major antioxidant, antiemetic, and antipsychotic agent. CBD oil also helps reduce nausea and schizophrenic episodes.

CBD oil attaches itself to the brain’s receptors and encourages it to release endocannabinoids that help reduce pain. Cannabinoids have the power to connect themselves to the protein sites and modify the receptor.

Types of Hemp Oil Products:

Before you find out where to buy hemp oil for pain, you need to know how the CBD oil market operates. Many sites online sell CBD oils, and retail stores have begun distributing them as well.

The most common types of CBD are listed below:


Tinctures are the most standard way of consuming CBD oil and is also the kind that is most in demand. People favor them because you can measure the dosage easily. A tincture is usually taken when you use pressurized CO2 gas or solvents. When it comes to a tincture, you can make use of a dropper and place the oil under your tongue. At times, CBD oils are produced along with carrier or fatty oils.


CBD oil concentrates are consumed by placing the solution under your tongue, and this process is similar to tinctures. Concentrates, as the name suggests, are a potent form of CBD oils and the strength of the formula is not suitable if you’re new to CBD.

If you plan on taking a concentrate, then you must start with a low dose and see how it reacts with your body first and if it causes any side effects.


CBD capsules are convenient and can be taken with water, but you have less control with the dose because a standard pill will have 10 to 25 milligrams of CBD.

Topical Products:

Topical solutions are inclusive of lotions, serums, salves, and lip balms. These are meant for external use and have immense benefits for the skin, joints, and muscles.

These products begin to work once the skin absorbs it and penetrates the dermal layers. You can also get CBD patches that let cannabinoids penetrate directly into the bloodstream.


There are many forms of CBD edibles like chocolates, coffee, baked edibles, gum, and candy. These are pleasurable ways you can enjoy CBD. However, you can’t measure the dose of the CBD oil as it can be inconsistent.

Vape Oil:

When you think where to buy hemp oil for pain, you can also look out for vape oils. CBD vape oils need a vape pen, and it can have some side effects if you heat it at a high temperature.


Sprays are another product you can use to ingest CBD oils; the strength in sprays are lower as compared to concentrates.

You will have to read the label carefully before consuming it. Know the exact dosage and spray the solution in your mouth two or three times.

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