Hairfall Causes, Reasons, Treatment, Remedy, Cure at Home

Hairfall CausesHairfall Causes

Hair fall is one of the common problem faced by both the living human genders. At Advices Academy, we are here to hear common problems faced by human whether its problem in their bathroom or their self problems. In this article we throw some light on hairfall causes, reasons, treatment, remedy, preventive methods, cure at home guide for one of the beautiful part of our body.

What is Hair?

Hair is the most important part to be said and the center of attraction of our face. Hairs grow in different parts of human body according to its important but the best part it covers is our skull. Hairs protects body from dust, dirt and sweat. The length of hair varies from person to person as women hairs are long compared to men and also the growth in hairs is different in humans. Due to deficiency in body may effects hair in various ways such as dandruff, hair fall, lies, color change and many more. All among this hair-fall is the common issue raised by many percentage of people followed with dandruff.

Hair Fall is very prevalent in present day life as three out of two suffers from hair loss at one time in their life. The most common causes of hair loss are stress, medication, illness, poor diet, genetic, immune system or environmental surroundings. Normally 100-125 hairs shed every day and being replaced as hair growing cycle but the problem is when the lost hair is not replaced or hair shedding exceeds it normal limit. First we will go through the causes of the hair fall and then we will provide you with the preventive measures to avoid it.

HairFall Causes

Lets study about the causes of hair loss and how to prevent it –

  • Medication: Its the one common reason for hair fall. Medication process is to deal with the variety of health problems, but sometimes it may have unwanted side effects. Prescriptions drugs given to Cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems, high blood pressure causes temporary hair shedding to people. Excess of vitamin A leads to high hair fall as well.
  • Stress: Stress and hair loss are related to many ways. In present-day life a large percentage of human carry a bag full of stress with them it may be because of illness, family problems, job instability, financial problems and so on. It’s very straightforward if your stress is under control then hair loss doesn’t have to be permanent in our life.
  • Genetic: According to Science hair fall is one out of 5 have genetic problems which follows from years to year. 90 percent of humans who suffer from hair loss it is from a genetic cause. That’s the inherited pattern from a family which may be from both sides of the family, the male and female side.
  • Aging: Aging is another factor leading for hair loss. At a certain age every one suffer from hair fall it is because of their age. As our body grow up it suffers lack of deficiency, change in hormones, v, regular exercise, diseases and many more. Now a days people dye, color their hair to cover their white hair as another reason adding to the cause.
  • Illness: Illness might be another symptom of hair loss. People who have thyroid disease, iron deficiency, fever, fatigue, rashes and so on and are prescribed with drugs with antibiotic leads to hair calamity as side effects.
  • Poor Diet: Poor diet means lack of vitamins, protein, iron, zinc, copper and proper water to our body. It just does not mean not having enough food, it may be of eating too much of wrong food. Vitamin A , E and C feed the hair and scalp to grow properly. You also need to maintain a balance between these Vitamins as excess of vitamin A in your body also leads to hair disappearance.
  • Beauty and Style: These days we prefer artificial products to follow fashion and to look more stylish. Hair coloring, dying, straightening, perming or bleaching all these ravage our hairs and at last stage, it falls.
  • Environmental Surrounding: Normally we travel to different places we carry our products with us but water varies according to places which may or may not suit our hair maybe leading to hair fall. After shower never combs in wet hair because at that time hairs are so delicate so it ends in middle and never blow high dryer.

Hair Fall – Prevention & Cure

As we all know prevention is better than cure. Like our skin and nail, hair also need a proper prevention to keep it healthy. Instead of using artificial products go for natural and home made products it helps in a better way than expensive parlor treatments.

Follow the simple steps –

  • Healthy Lifestyle: If our body is healthy it shows in skin, nail and hair so proper diet is very much important to keep your hair healthy. If your facing with hair fall it may be sigh of health problems which effects your hair. To avoid this problem drink adequate water, consume healthy fruits, vegetables and a proper protein rich diet.
  • Take Care of Your Hair: The most important thing is always keep your hair clean which gives the impression of more volume than dirty hair. Prefer a mild shampoo rather than going for high range one. While using shampoo concentrate on the scalp and hair roots. Regular use of conditioner also cause hair fall, while applying conditioner concentrate on the ends of your hair.


Hairfall Cure at Home

The following are the six hairfall cure at home advices –

Hot Oil Treatment

You should prefer to moderately heat the oil and then apply. You can choose any natural oil like Olive, coconut, almond, canola and many more. Massage it gently with slow circulation into your scalp as it gives a better relaxation and also improve blood circulation process in your scalp.

Consume Natural Juices

The juice of garlic, onion, cucumber, ginger, carrot, and spinach also helps in the growth of naturally healthy hair. Apply all this juice at night, have a massage and leave it on overnight. While you wake up early in the morning wash it thoroughly.

Head Massage – a Must

Massage is very essential to our body but we don’t take it seriously. Massaging your scalp daily or alternate day for few minutes will help in good blood circulation and keeps hair follicle active & healthy.

Meditation and Stress Control

Believe it or not meditation helps in many ways to control stress and tension in your body. Meditation helps to feel tension free and helps to get adequate sleep. If you are healthy with proper sleep it shows not only on your face but also in the hair.

Things to Avoid

We are so choosy in our diet because we know what is good and bad for the body. In the same way every one’s hair are not same so one should know what suits your hair and avoid the things which are harmful to your hairs. Avoid all unwanted treatments and hair styles which effects your hair. Also if possible avoid hair colors.

Maintain Proper Diet

Hair growth depends on the food you take, not with the products you use for your hair styles. To keep your hair healthy, good food should be consumed. Prepare a good diet plan which includes adequate water, food with high protein, vitamins like eggs, pulses, cereals, leafy vegetables, fruits and on. Among all this eating Amla ie., Gooseberry () is very good for your hair and also for joint pain as it’s rich in Vitamin C.

Ensuring that you have followed all these you can have less hairfall. Alternatively, if this is not working out then you should certainly visit a hair loss experts near your locality.

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