10 Common Problems With Washing Machines

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Check out 10 Common Problems With Washing Machines and how to fix a washing machine guide of it.

Gone were the days when women used to wash clothes daily in the morning and then prepare breakfast for the family. Now, in this era of fast-paced life, you have an electronic appliance for completing the manual work. For the cleaning of room, you have the vacuum cleaner; For cleaning the dishes you have the dishwasher, and the last is the most important – washing of clothes. You have the washing machine. This appliance has almost become an integral part of city life in all corners of the globe. The washing machine does not have a very attractive appearance like many of the fridge brands. There are times, when a family realizes the importance of washing machines only when there is a problem. In this article, you are going to get information on 10 common problems with washing machines.

Problems with Washing Machines

Agreed, you gave an ear to your spouse. You also bought the most expensive washing machine for the family. But does it mean the washing machine will give its hundred potential for a lifetime as per the warranty? You bet. If you follow the instructions of the manufacturer to the point, the lifetime may extend. But is it possible? Many households have achieved success in keeping a separate diary for the appliance regarding the maintenance and repair. Why don’t you give a try? All you need is a book, pen and five minutes of your valuable time. You can save money. Please note, a small repair, if attended at the right time can stop a bigger problem and high expense. So try to follow the method of keeping an appliance diary.

Have you ever washed clothes? You need to clean them, apply soap and twist them to take off the dirt and water. Imagine the energy spent. Now consider the power of a washing machine. They are designed to be tough and hard, but they are not immune to problems. With the tips given below, you can prevent many of the problems from getting bigger.

Bouncing of Washing Machines

There are times when the washing machines start to vibrate. But there is no need to panic as it is a common issue. One of the reasons may be that the appliance is kept on a unlevel ground. Or it could be because the shock absorbers have been disconnected from the chassis.

Some of the other reasons are –

  • The brands available in the market have self-leveling feet. In case, they are not available, then adjust the feet.
  • Usually, all the stacked washing machines have a stacking kit. Once installed, the kit keeps the entire unit stable. Devoid of installation by the stacking kit, the washing machine faces problems, usually during the spin cycle process.

Unbalanced Loads

Usually it refers to the clothes stuck to one side of drum. In turn, the machine faces confusion in measuring the load weight. It will also cause imbalances thus making the appliance to vibrate. For example, if a large wet towel, duvets or blankets are stuck in one side of the drum, then the vibration happens. The other reason could be when you mix wet clothes with dry clothes. So, plan accordingly before loading the washing machine with clothes.

In case of vibration, you can stop the appliance and check. In case of more clothes on one side, move half of the clothes to the other side. Or else spread them so the weight is evenly distributed.

There are other issues such as shipping bolts etc, but it is better you seek the services of a qualified technician. Try balancing the load or try leveling the surface. If you are not able to set right the problem, then it is time to call for assistance from a pro.

Too Much of Noise

Usually washing machines make noise during the process. But if there is too much of a noise, then there are number of potential causes. In many occasions, it will be because of coins in your clothes. They have been caught  in the drum. So slowly turn the drum till the object falls in the sump hose or filter.

Draining Noise

In case of a strange noise, when the washer drains water, then the problem is related to the pump. It is better to check the pump filter for any obstructions. Usually it will be lint or fluff build-up.

Drum Bearings

Problems with Washing Machines drum

One of the most common problems with washing machines is because of damage of drum bearings. Then there will be a huge rumbling noise. If the rust has built-up in the bottom of the machine, then it is a symptom of worn bearings.

If you are able to move the drum, then it is a sign of damaged drum bearings. The next step is to call an experienced washing machine repair technician.

However please remember that it is not safe to repair electrical appliances without having adequate professional knowledge, training and experience.

Please use skilled and professional engineers for all your washing machine repairs.

Ripped Clothes

You have bought an expensive cloth. You went to a party, and you got a dark line in the neck part. To clean, you put the cloth in the washing machine and what do you get? The cloth is ripped. So, do not panic. Take rest and check the reason. There may be some items responsible such as buckles, metal findings, metal zips etc. In case, you found the item or the cloth which is the reason for the problem, keep it aside the next time. You can also check the pockets for sharp items such as pocket knives etc.

Now, there can be another reason. You find that the clothes in the process did not have any metal accessories or items. Then, run the hands on the side of a tub. Make use of a torch to locate a dent or an uneven surface. In case of one, then it is mandatory to seek the advice of a hired technician. And please remember, you cannot load another set of clothes unless the problem is solved.

Damage to clothes need not necessarily be a rip, but it can also extend to rust marks. The reason may be because the chips of the machine basket have become rusted.

Improper/Slow Draining

If you find that the duration taken for a process is more, and the water is left over in the machine. Then the issue is not serious. You have to check the filter and see for blocks or obstructions. Always check the filter to prevent a build-up of grime or dirt.

The Washing Machine Does Not Spin

It may be a major issue or minor. So first do the check. There are washing machines which work only when they have a certain load. They also do not work if you load above the capacity. So, in case there is no spin, try adjusting the load. Then it will work.

Blockage of Drainage Pumps

The main reason could be the title mentioned above. The reason could be because of an item stuck in outlet pipe. The water does not flow in and out of the machine. There may be a buildup of lint or an external item such as the coin or hair pin. In this case, the machine will take longer duration for draining purposes.

Motor Brushes

The motor brushes in the washer connect the drum to the motor. Brushes have become old. The machine has water. The drainage is also perfect but the spinning action is not available. In this case, you have to seek help from an electrician.

There Is No Water

If the washing machine does not get filled with water, then it is an easy problem. But for you, the machine will spin but the clothes will not get cleaned. Usually, the reason may be a blocked hose. So kindly check it is not damaged.

In case of a new washing machine, you will definitely get an error code. Now look at the instruction of the manufacturer to identify the error. In case of an older model, kindly note the instructions given below –

  • If you hear a humming sound, then the problems are related to the hose and taps. Kindly check if the taps at the rear of the machine work or else there is the problem with the hose. If it has become damaged, then it cannot take water. So you have to go for a replacement.
  • In case the hose is perfect, then the problem is with the taps. It has become blocked because of clogging with dirt. If you are a DIY expert, you can clean the tap.
  • The problem may also happen with water valves. The water valves may not get filled with water. A simple problem may be because the filter may need a cleaning job. However, if you are a DIY expert, be careful as many of them can be easily broken.

The Door Does Not Open

Usually, the door of a washing machine will be air-tight. So, you will face difficulty as if trying to open a iron vault without the password. But in case you have water in the appliance, then send it off to another cycle. When the drainage happens, you can open the door. In case the water does not drain, then as explained before, there is a problem with the filter and drainage pipe.

Suppose if there is no water and the door still does not open, then these are the reasons – The door is damaged or there are problems in the switch

There are some versions of brands where the door has been designed to stay locked even after the draining process. The machine will find problems in resetting. The lock will still harbor power. But you can fix the issue when you turn off the power in the mains. Now, after the machine cools down, then the door can be opened.

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If there is a problem with the design, then the next level is because of a fault in the lock. The handle may get snapped. If you are trying to open the door, be sure to turn off the switch. Or else you may suffer electric shocks.

If you have a top load model, then the problem will be with the hinges located at the lid’s rear section. Their composition is plastic and they can easily get worn over time.

If you are using the washing machine a lot more, then the heat can play havoc on the locks. And the locks on the door will get damaged. If you find the door too hot to touch after the process, then please note the stage is set for repair.

The Washing Machine Smells

Remember, you wash your clothes to make it clean. They become clean, but if they emit an odor, can you wear them? The main reason is that you are putting the load in cold washes. The detergents can also be a problem.

Substitute cold wash with a hot wash. Then opt for regular maintenance. Seek the advice of a technician to change the detergents.

It Does Not Switch On

The main reason could be in the fuse or power outlets. In case the washing machine gets to a stop, just allow it to cool down. The main reason, the load may be more, there may be the reason for overheating.

Drainage Problems

The main reason could be because of a problem in the house. Now take away the water. Ensure the filters are also checked.


A washing machine is an important appliance of the household. So you must ensure that the appliance is properly maintained. Let us imagine, you stayed in Bangalore before making a shift to Pune for the job. In Bangalore, the washing machine got repaired. You opted for a technician from referrals to do the washing machine repair in Bangalore. The machine was back to its working condition. But during the shift to Pune, the door got jammed and would not budge.

In Pune office, you hear about doorstep repair companies who offer customers services at their home. It is very easy to book a service by downloading the app and scheduling a request at your own convenience for washing machine repair in Pune. On a perfect day, the concerned technician will come to your home and restore the appliance to normal. Also, there will be no hidden charges in the bill. So, when you need a repair technician for any of the electronic appliances in a home, settle for home maintenance companies in your town. Did we forget to tell you that all the technician are checked and verified for their experience and background credentials?

We hope, after reading the article, you gained information on the most common repairs of the washing machine. Did we miss another problem? Feel free to drop a mail or a comment in the Reviews section.


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