4 Daily Skin Care Routine to Follow for a Healthy Skin

Daily Skin Care RoutineDaily Skin Care Routine

Check out 4 daily skin care routine to follow for a Healthy skin in all seasons of the year.

People usually think about their skin that they might have dry, oily or sensitive skin but they never bother to find out the type of their skin. To know the type of the skin is the most important which usually help you to select better cosmetic stuff for you. If you use the products which are popular on the internet or use wrong cosmetic products will increase the skin problems like acne, dryness and other most viral skin problem.

Following is the most popular question about the skin which arises in the head of everyone who thinks seriously about his skin.

How to develop a Daily Skin care Routine

Doesn’t it matter what your skin type is? The daily routine of taking care of your skin helps a lot to avoid many common skin problems as it improves overall skin health, reduce the acne and dark spots on ones face. It helps to remove the spots created by scars. Moreover, it helps you to catch the problem at its initial level.

We come up with very simple and basic skin caring routine steps which will serve the purpose very effectively. These simple steps can be followed in the morning when you wake up and in the evening when you are about to sleep.


We are going to disclose the secret to choose the best cleanser for your skin. You need to choose the cleanser which does not make your skin tight when you apply it on your skin. You need to clean your face once a day, and if you have dry skin, then you can clean it twice a day as well. You should try your maximum level to avoid wearing makeup unless and until you have the very important party to attend.

If you have dry skin, then you should not wear makeup despite the fact you have a party ahead. Avoid if you have the screechy-clean feeling, it means the natural oils of your skin are gone, and your skin has surpassed the maximum level of dry skin. Cetaphil, Banila Clean It and Zero Sherbet Cleanser are the special products which work on almost all the skin types of a person with amazing results.


A serum with the growth qualities, vitamin C and peptides are considered best and brought wonderful results especially when being used in the morning and evening. It provides a wonderful shield against the sunshine.

If you want amazing effects at night as well, then you can select retinol and retinoid as well then they are good at their work in the night. Most of the makeup artists choose Vitamin C, E, and serums for desired results.


Some people who have oily skin think that they don’t need any moisturizer but it is wrong, they need it as well. If you want to choose a moisturizer for your skin, then keep following things in mind:

  1.   It should be very lightweight
  2.   It should be gel based
  3.   It should be non- comedogenic
  4.   It should not block the pores of your skin

Care Ve’s facial lotion usually block the pores of your skin; it’s better to avoid it. People who have dry skin can get the benefits from the moisturizers which are cream based. MISSHA Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream has is the cream based moisturizer and has very good results for the people who choose it. To identify the cream and gel moisturizers, you need to read the packing of the moisturizer very carefully. Top quality brands usually mention the cream and gel categories of the moisturizers.


Sunscreen is very important for the people who actively take part in the outdoor activities. They need to apply sunscreen with SPF (sun protection factor) of thirty. They should apply it on their skin just 15 minutes before they leave their room for outdoor activities. They should apply it a bit earlier as sunscreen takes time to activate itself.

People who have dark skin needs more sunscreen as compared to the white people because dark people have hyperpigmentation which is much harder to correct. EltaMD’s sunscreen is the best in this regard; it protects against broad-spectrum UVA (Ultraviolet A (relatively long wavelength ultraviolet radiation, 320–400nm) and other ultraviolet rays. This brand of sunscreen is recommended by Skin Cancer Foundation of the world. From now on you need to choose those products which overlap with your skin type, need and sensitivity.

When you purchase any product you need to remember to read the label very carefully so, you can select a better product for more positive results. Some common products like retinoid and retinol should be limited for the night only. This is the most common guideline to help your skin feels better than ever.

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