Flowers for Every Occasion: A Guide to Wise Picking

Flowers for every occasionFlowers for every occasion

Flowers are the perfect way to express your emotions for someone. However, picking the right flowers for any occasion is where it gets a bit tricky. With thousands of flowers and each one having its meaning, confusion is sure to ensue. In this post, we will help you decide on the right flowers for each occasion.

For Birthdays

Whether they’re for a significant other or a best friend, there is no beating flower as a birthday gift. A good approach, in this case, would be to find out the favorite flower of the intended recipient. However, if you don’t know their favorite flower, then you might as well settle from a list of favorites like:

  • Pink or White Carnations – These flowers symbolize gratitude and remembrance.
  • Gardenias – They stand for pure joy and fun.
  • Geraniums – They signify comfort
  • Red chrysanthemums – They bespeak the value of sharing
  • Forget-Me-Nots – They are a good way of saying that you will remember the person forever.
  • Jasmine – A classic choice that signifies grace and
  • Yellow Rose – Bespeaks joy, optimism as well as friendship

For Weddings

Flowers are seemingly the most important decoration for weddings. Whether it’s a destination wedding like on a beach or a traditional ceremony, there’s no decoration without flowers. While fresh blooms are always an option, wedding decorations have recently witnessed an increasing trend of dried flowers (like Springs & Curls) being a part of the ceremony for intricate decorations and as an additive to main designs.

With weddings, the trend of flowers keeps changing each year. Hence, the most vital thing to keep in mind is the color that complements the theme and other colors used in wedding decor. For instance, if you got rose-red or light blue as your wedding colors, then going for pastel shades of flowers like baby’s breath or peonies or carnations would be the right choice.

For a much deeper shade or vibrant colors for weddings, red dahlias and chocolate cosmos would be an appropriate choice. The point is there isn’t any flower that is right or wrong for wedding decor. The idea is to have fun and blend it along with the colors and vibe of the occasion.

For Holidays

When heading for Holidays and other festivities, it does look good to bring in some flowers along with you. With wine and chocolates being the common thing, flowers are freshening change to the trend that everyone readily accepts.

During a winter Holiday, one of the most notable flowers of the season is the Poinsettia, and one can pick a handful of them in various colors like Yellow, Red Green and White. Other excellent choices include Jasmine, Narcissus, Iris, and Amaryllis. One can also make a great statement by gifting a single stem or combine such flowers shaping towards a fabulous festive bouquet.

For a Token of Thanks

A note of thanks always carries a tinge of sentiment underneath. Hence, adding flowers with your Thank you card elevates your gesture. The usual approach is to select flowers that reflect the personality traits of the intended recipient.

If you know the person well, choose a flower that matches the person’s favorite color. However, if you aren’t sure, go for daisies, lilies, or carnations, which are classic picks and never go wrong.

For Valentine’s Day

Ah! Finally, the day of love. Who doesn’t like to be handed a bouquet on Valentine’s Day? Probably none! While red roses are seemingly the most popular choice for the day, a lot depends on the kind of relationship that one has with the intended recipient. For your bellowed, of course, a red rose is a classic choice. For a special friend, yellow roses are good to pick along with carnations as well. If you are young enough and already in love, primroses might be a perfect choice. Apart from all this, Valentine’s Day is one such occasion where you can very well settle to buy the favorite flower of the intended recipient. So, if you already know what your loved one is fond of, it is usually an excellent way to go.

For Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is yet another special occasion, and the best way to go about it is to pick your mother’s favorite blooms. However, if she is fond of just about any flowers in general, a spring bouquet might be an excellent choice as it brings forth a plethora of flowers in several different colors. Carnations are also a good choice as they readily bespeak admiration and love in abundance.

For Anniversaries

For anniversaries, it brings down to a range of special pointers for flower types depending on the number of years of togetherness for a couple. Here’s what’s being generally followed:

No of Years Flower Choice
5 Daises
10 Daffodils
15 Roses
20 Asters
25 Irises
30 Lilies


In case, one is celebrating a year other than such milestones, one can always go easy with pink or red roses in general, as they strongly represent love and passion in equal measures. Yellow roses are not recommended as they stand eternally for a symbol of friendship.

For Funerals

Before one decides to buy flowers for a grieving family, it will be polite to ask them whether they would prefer blooms or a charitable donation. If the bereaving family is okay with receiving flowers, always choose to pick up something which can be taken home after or laid on the grave. Regardless of your choice of flower, one must include a note of sympathy to go with it. Here are some of the most common choice of flowers for funerals or condolence gatherings:

  • Roses
  • Lilies
  • Chrysanthemums

When looking to buy these flowers, colors play a crucial role. It is recommended that one should stick to shades like green, white, or blue as these are the colors that readily symbolize calmness, peace, and humility in tandem.

For all these how you decorate your table is important depending upon the occasion. It’s the runner (the above cloth that covers the tablet) which gets most highlighted. Cheap table runner are available in an array of dashing styles, patterns, and multiple colors.

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Wrap Up

Now that you know what flowers you can choose for each occasion, you will never be confused at the florist’s end when picking them up.

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