How To Have Healthy Relationships with Partner in Herpes

Women with HerpesWomen with Herpes

One of the most common sexually transmitted diseases is Herpes. In fact, statistics will show you it has affected countless people from all parts of the globe. What causes it is a virus called herpes simplex, which spreads mostly through contact with another person’s skin. But as a STD, the chances of contracting herpes are significantly higher during sexual intercourse with a person already infected with the disease.

Herpes Symptoms

Most of its symptoms are similar to those who have flu, plus some pain as well as sores and blisters appearing at the genitals and rectum. Symptoms will vary from person to person, and some people may not experience the symptoms at all.

Personal Relationship in Herpes

But herpes should never get in the way of a loving relationship, no matter how problematic it may seem. There are still so many ways to maintain keep your relationship with your partner as healthy as ever.

First thing that you have to do is to be open to your partner about your condition. Openness is very important especially in the most sensitive of relationships, such as when one of the parties has contracted a STD. It’s actually very difficult to open this discussion with your partner. If you’re still getting to know your partner more, then take things slowly and find ways to prepare him or her for the right time you will open the subject.

Once the matter has been placed out in the open, your next step is to make sure that you and your partner are well equipped with knowledge in knowing how to deal with your condition. Fears and anxieties that might cause you or your partner to make rash decisions will certainly be prevented if misconceptions about the disease are replaced with facts. You also need to be informed about treatment and medication relating to the condition.

Now that you’ve opened yourself to your partner, it’s time to be open to your partner as well. He or she may have questions and concerns and you have to show him or her that you’re open to discuss and address them. This is important because your partner will definitely need some time to be able to cope with everything that’s happened – even if you carefully opened the matter, it will still come to a shock for him or her. This kind of thing takes a lot of time and patience.

Finally, take measure to ensure the welfare of your partner. Talk to him or her about getting tested for STDs as well, which is a sensitive matter as well. Should he or she consent to having sex with you, then you have to be responsible enough in using protection as well. Don’t do anything to jeopardize the health of your partner.

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