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Rogue companyRogue company

If you enjoy third-person shooter games, Rogue Company is worth your time. How would it feel to play a rogue agent to complete missions and objectives? This game has all the unique weapons, abilities, modes, and perks that gamers love.  But how are you going to start, play and win as a Rogue? We have the answers in this article for you.

We will be sharing the important things to know and the tips to play with if you want to win the objectives. Also, we suggest that you search for rogue company cheats to buy from a reliable company online. That way, you can simplify the game and have tons of fun moments.

Everything to Know

1.   Understand the gameplay

Rogue Company follows the activities of the Rogues, which are playable characters that you can choose to represent you. There are many rounds to complete, and each of them starts from the moment players drop from the aircraft. The game has Maps too, and players will be competing on the maps to achieve the set objectives.

2.   There is a Currency system

The game also has a currency system that enables players to upgrade their weapons, perks, or equipment. Also, there are many ways to make money which include, killing players and completing several tasks. You can use the money you make in one round to take care of your upgrades for other rounds. Also, earning the currency “Reputation” allows you to unlock more characters to play. You can earn 1000 Reputation in one day by completing the quest for the day.

3.   Every mode is different

Every round ends when the players have achieved a set objective. The winning requirements vary depending on the mode you’re playing. For instance, in the Extraction mode, the players must hack an objective to win. When that task is completed, or every other enemy team member is dead, then the winning team emerges.

Another mode, Strikeout, requires the players to eliminate the enemy team members to win. The difference here is that the enemies can respawn up to a specific number of times. So, the winning team emerges when their enemies can no longer respawn because they’ve reached the allowable limit.

4.   Playable Rogues in the game

Gamers have up to nineteen (19) playable rogues to study and pick. Each of the rogue agents comes from different countries of the world. You can choose any of the following, Kestrel, Chaac, Ronin, Mack, Dima, Dahlia, Phantom, Saint, Lancer, Scorch, Talon, Trench, Vy, Seeker, the Fixer, etc.  Each of these Rogues falls into six roles: Breacher, Intel, Sniper, Defender, Duelist, and Support.

So, if you understand them, you can choose and play any of the rogues’ characters that suits your personality. However, when it comes to mentioning the best amongst them, Dahlia scores best in support, the Fixer scores best in being a Sniper, while Vy seems to be the best defender.

5.   The map has the details

You can’t play Rogue Company well if you don’t know your way around the environment. The game has eight maps, and each of them is unique. The Maps are all over the globe, and if you don’t take your time to learn them, you might be lost. Some of the maps appear in the two-game modes, while some are exclusive to each. For instance, you will find the High Castle map on Demolition, Skyfall in both Strikeout and Demolition, Favelas, Windward, Icarus, Canals, Vice, and Factory in both games modes.

So, studying these maps will help you better in the game. You’ll know the nooks and cranny of the game space, where to take cover, where to avoid, etc.

6.   Always move in the game

If you want to die less, make sure you’re not stationary. We all know that moving targets are harder to kill than targets that are not moving. So, as you play, make sure you constantly on the move. Also, it is easier to take cover faster when someone is shooting at you. As you’re moving, you could dive into a nearby pathway to avoid flying bullets.

7.   Your Weapon Matters a Lot

Every game has its unique weapons that help players to win. Rogue Company is no different and has provided a good set for you. However, you must choose them rightly. If you’re looking for a gun that takes few seconds to kill, check out the SL-C. If you’re playing mid-range, check the HRM-30KS. Other weapons have unique functions that you must discover and choose according to what suits you.


Rogue Company is fun but also challenging. So, don’t dive into the game without adequate preparation. First, you have to understand how everything works to choose the best character and weapon for you. Also, take time to study the maps, as you’ll be seeing most of them together in the game modes.

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