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Best Mac GamesBest Mac Games

Best Mac Games 2024: If you are a true gamer you will not be missing out on some of the best modern games just because they are not free. Here is a list of the 15 best MAC games that will be worth the price. All of the Mac games mentioned here are paid versions and no free versions of apps are available.

Best Mac Games Ever

Here are the best Mac games of the year –

Tomb Raider

Freshly rebooted, Tomb Raider is in its best form at $19.99 with the adventurous and brave Lara Croft surviving and learning through her instincts in the island of the savages after being shipwrecked into it. What makes this game unique is that Lara Croft is sexy, smart, brave, but not overtly sexualized.

Rayman Origins

Again at $19.99, Rayman Origins is a combination of classic side scrolls and modern pizzaz with hand-drawn animation.

Download Rayman Origins from the iTunes Store

Bio Shock Infinite

This one takes on the sky instead of the sea and you can fight your way through a floating city overlooking Columbia in search of a mysterious woman and unfold a breathtaking secret just for $39.99.


This one looks like the 90s 2-D Lego games but the full 90-degree spin at the click of a key changes it all and ends you in a new dimension of hazards. The gameplay is the simplest run-and-jump type but the puzzling layout with all its secrets will make it worth the $9.99 you spend.

Mark of the Ninja

On a side-scrolling plane here you have the most exciting and crafty game with sneaking through eerie shadows and evading traps. Priced at $14.99, this game will impress you with its impeccable precision.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

This is not the regular but the Elite Edition of the game at $49.99 which is apparently too much but once you get engrossed in the game you will be enchanted with its sci-fi theme and panache.

Hotline Miami

At just $9.99 you can break into well-armed gangsters fighting hallucinatory visions. This is the most twisted and gory game though it apparently looks like a bad case of an NES game.


This game is a visual gift at just $9.99 with the spooky shadow world. With a young boy character venturing through a child’s hell, this game shows the best use of the 2-D side-scroller that unveils a story that is best left to the interpretation of the player.

Batman: Arkham City

The $39.99 spent on this Game of the Year Edition is no big deal for a Batman fan or a gamer and paradise for a gamer who is a Batman fan. This one is debated to be the best superhero game ever with a highly delightful beat-up action.


Executed with brilliance by Valve Corporation, this game is a challenging puzzle through man-eating test chambers. This $9.99 game will have you engrossed and you will want to go to the Portal 2 as well.

The Walking Dead: The Game

Based on the popular TV series comedy, here is a game of survival in the Zombie world with horrifying brutal entries and tough choices in front of the gamer. It is worth the $24.99 you pay for it.


An addictive game from PopCap, this one just at $9.99 takes its cues from pinball and has a bit of pachinko here and there.

Cally of Duty: Black Ops

This one is priced at $49.99 but no Call of Duty fan will consider it too much. The game lives up to the expectations of a COD fan with its wide range of maps and gaming modes.

Play an online multiplayer and unlock all the content with consistency.

Team Fortress 2

Valve Corporation’s free fun, Team Fortress 2 is another multiplayer with various game modes.  

Sid Meier’s Civilization V

Priced at $39.99 this is the heaven for a strategy lover but a hell of personal productivity.

Best FTP Clients for Mac

Guide your tribes on the micro and macro scales waging wars and thriving in a beautiful civilization.

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