List of Top Popular & 10 Best Linux Games to Play in 2024

Best Linux GamesBest Linux Games

Listed here are the top 10 popular and best Linux games 2024 that you can play right now.

Gaming enthusiasts can rejoice in the happening games for Linux-compatible devices. Here’s a run-up to ten top-rated Linux games for 2018 and 2019. These include indie titles and some highly popular and influential AAA titles till now.

Garry’s Mod

Check out this sandbox game that throws a spell on players with its props that are loaded from different source-engine games and many different mods done by the community.

Garry’s Mod – The popular Linux game

Half-Life 2

In this game, theoretical physicist Gordon Freeman is the protagonist who traverses a world that is ravaged by aliens and mankind. You get wonderful physics overlaid with puzzles and awesome aliens like scary headcrabs blocking your path.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

When this game was first launched it impressed with its mind-boggling series of puzzles and challenges set in Victorian surroundings and machinated steampunk. The game still remains popular, download it from Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.


Starbound is a game close to the concept of Minecraft bringing a gaming environment where you get to mine, build, and hunt apart from traveling to other planets with the power of changing the way the storyline goes. The game is based on the concept that your spacecraft takes off from Earth only to get stuck in orbit and here begins your quest for hunting and mining.

You can make yourself familiar with the mechanics of the game in a bid to search for fuel for your game and start exploring planets that are procedurally generated.

Metro: Last Light

One of the initial AAA games that were launched in Linux, Metro: Last Night is very easy to play. The gameplay environment takes you to 2034 where you enter Moscow city which has suffered the devastation of a nuclear attack.

Amid the rubble and the destruction, you have to move ahead and play as an intense shooter to survive. There are different apocalyptic settings that keep the momentum going giving you the first-hand experience of survival in the post-nuclear attack world.

O A.D.

An old game for Linux users O A.D. is the only free game that is also open-source in this list. Recently the game received a refreshing fundraising boost of $33,251.

War in a Box: Paper Tanks

War in a Box: Paper Tanks is a paper-craft uniqueness game that offers the player 24 levels of classic, tireless gameplay appeal. Every level can be replayed and the game revolves around casual tower defense. The game is priced at $3.99.

FEZ Linux Game

FEZ is a game that involves mind-boggling perspective puzzles, jumping puzzles, and gaming in-jokes. Play in a gaming environment where you constantly face risks like standing too close for comfort to bombs or falling off maps.

Kentucky Route Zero

Enjoy the magical backdrop of Kentucky Route Zero, a game where you play on point-click adventures and find the surreal merged with elements of an adventure game. Search for an unknown address to deliver antiques only to get involved in an engagingly fantastic narrative.

Europa Universalis IV

Play real-time to grow your empire and expand its trade routes using ‘grand strategies’ imbued in gameplay.

So, these are the best Linux games that you can play right now. Do let us know if you feel that other games are good for Linux which are you playing currently.

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