The Human Equation in the New Era

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American psychologist Abraham Maslow proposed that people are always striving for greatness. Maslow looked at the nature of the human soul and saw potential in the way we push ourselves to succeed and achieve. He laid this out in his Hierarchy of Needs. Visually, Maslow’s work is represented as a colored pyramid that shows exactly what humans need in order to become our best. At the bottom tiers, we have basic needs such as food, water, and shelter. We also need love, safety, comfort, and the ability to put ourselves out there and make mistakes without fear of being made to feel inferior.

As we approach the top of the pyramid, we are introduced to the need of self-actualization, and this is where Maslow made us realize that the human equation is much more about surviving; it’s about growing up to and often beyond our potential.

Self-actualization can usually only happen when most of the other needs are met. Many people never reach this point in our development even if all other needs are met, while some people overcome obstacles in order to realize greater potential. People who achieve the level of self-actualization are often the people who think outside the box.

These are the people who go the extra mile to create something that can help humanity for centuries to come. These people are the architects, the scientists, the inventors, the entrepreneurs, and the creators who are constantly changing the landscape of human existence and pushing the limits of what we think is capable.

These are the people that are covered in Freethink, a digital magazine that profiles amazing people who are doing amazing things. Documented in articles and videos, the online magazine publishes content they call the only news worth covering. Why? The reason for the declaration is because the people covered are the ones changing the world for the better and for the long-term.

There is a great article on the website about how no one knew about the Wright Brothers until years after they discovered the ability to fly. Their innovation changed the way the world travels. Similarly, look at how inventors have changed the way we communicate, work, sleep, eat, play, and so forth. Self-actualized people are out there every day changing the way we live our lives, but too often they are not recognized until years later.

In the digital age, the world is changing faster than ever. Innovators are pioneering never-before-seen concepts that may eventually end hunger, cure illness, solve pollution problems, and lead humanity to a brighter future. We have access to the greatest learning library in the history of the world through the Internet. Technology is changing at a rate like never before. New technologies are being developed daily that are changing the way we do things. The smartest people on the planet could be living right next door to us and we wouldn’t even know. What’s worse, if they aren’t putting their ideas out there, no one will ever know.

The purpose of the digital magazine is to get this news out there–to let people know about these amazing people, their innovations, and where these ideas might lead us as we move forward. Right now, there is already a plethora of great stories that are not only educational but inspirational as well. Topics include motivation tips from some of the most successful entrepreneurs to special interest videos and articles about parents doing amazing things raising their children.

There is also great content on cutting edge medical innovations, scientific and technological discoveries, and creations, and so much more that can lead us all–worldwide–into the next fascinating new era of human development.

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