4 Best Android Water Surfing Games to Play on Phone

Best Android Water Surfing GamesBest Android Water Surfing Games

We have all witnessed the power of the Droid that has done everything we thought of and more to bring ease, luxury and power in our lives. The things that you can do with an Android Smartphone today are about as unbelievable as the prospect of traveling to the moon was for the Man of earlier times. We have applications for everything, to solve every issue we could possibly have and make everyday tasks easier. Our phones have integrated GPS which potentially gives us the entire globe in our palm, cookbooks in eBook forms which can be carried anywhere you want and the likes.

Best Android Water Surfing Games

In this article, we are going to talk about the top 4 surfing games on Android. Read ahead to open yourself a new world of fun!

South Surfers – Marine Subway

This is a cute little game that is incredibly simple yet holds an attractive feel that we are sure will extend beyond the innocent little hearts of your children and attract you as well. In case your phone cannot meet its requirements, it has multiple settings that allow you to modulate graphics and accordingly set the fps to your interest.

It is a motion sensitive game in which you control the surfboard you are alight on through tilts and motions of your phone. This simplistic game is absolutely perfect for those long hours you have with nothing to do!

Download South Surfers – Marine Subway via Google Play on your Android Device.

Surfing Beaver

Unlike the previous game, this game comes into the top 4 Android game list due to its graphic intensity! Of course, it does not qualify for the league of unreal graphics games but Surfing Beaver is quite attractive what with the funny cartoons and continuous music.

There are tons of obstacles to overcome here and the game is worth the while in terms of pace. Moreover the app is completely free of cost, so you don’t have to spend a single buck here to play the game! Just download and install it, you will have a cute beaver causing tsunamis in your Android Device!

Download Surfing Beaver via Google Play on your Android Device.

Surfing Boy

This game is not only a funny source of entertainment, it might well lead to become one of the factors which helps you increase your hand eye co-ordination, a virtue that is invaluable in most walks of life. The game is quite challenging and pushes you to score higher and higher through well programmed events.

It hooks the gamer and holds him tight as he surfs across strange tides facing obstacles that are difficult yet fun to overcome. If there is one ill effect of the application, it is that users often get hooked to the game and just cant seem to let go of it!

Download Surfing Boy via Google Play on your Android Device.

Surfing Girl

This is the female version for the above game (Surfing Boy) but is in no way inferior or short on action than the male version. Surfing girl takes you through the journey of a girl as she mounts her board and takes to the rough seas where she meets many a challenger such as Thunderclouds, Wicked animals and huge waves!

It is upon you to take her through the rough sea safely and remember, nobody likes a cute girl to drown! Challenge your senses and responses at every level and play this marvelous game to save the Surfing Girl and keep her away from the dangers at sea!

Download Surfing Girl via Google Play on your Android Device.

And there, you have a list of the top 4 surfing games on Android! Download these games and give them a shot, they totally are worth it! Each one has its own unique trait that you are sure to spend hours dwelling on and riding the rough waves! Just take care that you don’t forget what the sun looks like!

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