Quality and Luxury: Top 7 Yacht Brands in 2020

Top Yacht BrandsTop Yacht Brands

A yacht’s architecture and performance are only two characteristics that a person looks for before buying his boat. Roadshows, Yacht shows, and various galas have been showcasing regular yachts and Viking yachts that will make you feel that you paid for your money’s worth.

Top Yacht Brands

Here are 7 of the top yacht brands introduced in 2020.

Sea Ray SLX 350

Sea Ray has pioneered the concept of a fast, high-end day boat. This year, they have decided to introduce the SLX 350 during a world launch at the New York Boat Shows. With a capacity of 18 people, this Yacht also has a concealable transom seating.

The Yacht is one of a set of series under the SLX campaign, was launched to bring a luxury sport-boating experience unlike any other to the market. Sea Ray’s President, Brad Anderson, also boasts about the quiet RIDE, technology in the SLX that gives its passengers the smoothest ride and more pleasant boating experience.

Sealine S390

Several years ago, Sealine, a UK Brand, has been acquired by a German company named The Hanse Group. Since then, many series of yachts have been introduced in the market and the latest being the Sealine S390.

Bill Dixon designed the Yacht boasts of its features, which include a large opening door, full-height windows for better viewing, a large opening sunroof for proper air circulation, and an outdoor galley perfect for barbecue parties. It also has three double cabins, a luxury kitchen with two bathrooms which makes this your home at sea.

Princess Y85

The Princess Y85 is the latest model amongst an array of successive designs, boasting of its performance and ingenuity. This Yacht offers safety and convenience in yachting.

It has belowdecks that have four staterooms, which include a full-beam suite for the owners of the boat. The Yacht also has a VIP cabin at the bow. This fantastic yacht is powered by twin 1,900 hp MAN V-12 engines, which reach a top end of 33 knots.

Absolute 62 Fly

Given its name, this Yacht will make you feel you are flying over water. Boasting of a speed surpassing the current fastest Yacht, it still offers a comfortable boating experience with its open-plan main deck that extends from the aft cockpit to the forward helm.

This Yacht also is considered the best option when it comes to long-distance cruises. The Absolute 62 Fly has three large staterooms, each with an en-suite bathroom and shower.

Sunseeker Rolls-Royce Hybrid Yacht

This Yacht includes two 12-cylinder MTU Series 2000 diesel engines, onboard generators, electric propulsion modules, transmission, batteries, and control and monitoring systems.

The latest hybrid technology adapts to the ever-changing needs of yacht owners, answering long-term problems of efficiency and noise reduction. The Sunseeker Rolls-Royce Hybrid Yacht is still considered a prototype, and several changes are even being made on the current model.

Swan 65

As beautiful as its name. This Yacht offers both elegance and comfort in your sea travels. Amazing architecture of this Yacht gave the latest Swan an ocean-racing hull, a low deck, and a low profile that lets the helmsman at the stern navigate with a clear view.

The inside of the Yacht has high ceilings, giving a sense of open space.

Viking 92 Convertible

Kusler Yachts Inc. has been in business since 2010 and is one of the most successful yacht brokerages in Southern California, cumulating over 50 years of on-the-water experience. One of their current offerings in the Yacht Market is the Viking 92 Convertible.

One of their many Viking yachts for sale, the Viking 92 Convertible offers elegant, luxurious, seaworthy, and impressive features. Its specifications are remarkable, which will let you feel every worth of penny you paid for.

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Many companies have been offering new models and brands of yachts since this year has started. Always consider your own needs when it comes to choosing the right boat for you and your family or friends.

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