5 Best Apps to Play Carrom on Android Phone

Check out the list of 5 best apps to Play Carrom on Android Phones, i.e. 5 best Carommboard apps for Android.

Smartphones have become the best companion of tons of users worldwide. The Android operating systems offer so much of benefits to the users by the way of their apps. These apps have become so much part of our daily life and we feel too much of displeasure if we do not get to use them. The Android operating systems coupled with a fast internet connection can do wonders.

Apps to Play Carrom on Android Phone

Today, the smartphones provide the users with all kinds of apps and features which was hard to imagine by previous users. As a part of our AdvicesAcademy best Android apps collection, we have gone through best Android Carrom game apps here.

Playing games in Android phones is a wonderful feeling as they offer an extensive set of high-end graphics along with the facility to play by touch. Mentioned below are few of the Carrom games available in the Android Play Store.

Carrom 3D

Carrom 3D is perhaps the most popular android carrom game available. The game can be played with the computer (automated machine) or with your friend using the same Android platform. The multiplayer game can be played with the help of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The game has three difficulty levels, beginner, intermediate or expert.

The game is available in 3D which means that it gives a real-time graphics experience just like a real carrom board. Here, the gamer can try all kinds of zig-zag shots which he can play in the real carrom board. Download Carrom 3D on your Android device via Google Play.

Carrom All Time

“Carrom All Time” is an excellent android carrom game. Downloaded more than 100,000 times; gamers love this game as it has all the features which a carrom game should have. It is available in three game modes: single player, multiplayer and challenges.

Single player has three different difficulty levels: Low, medium and high. The user interface of the game is quite simple. The gamer can control the strike by just a simple tap. The direction of the strike can be controlled by dragging finger at any direction. Download Carrom All Time via Google Play.


Carrom by Konnect Mobile is another free carrom game available in the android market. The game is all set to bring the ultimate gaming experience. Board available as the screen and the virtual strikers enable the player to take the strike.

The users can play full board game or quick board game. The games can be played against the computer or with other players. It did not receive good reviews by the users. You can download Carrom on your Android device via Google Play.

Carrom Board Game

“Carrom Board Game” is another game available in the android market for carrom lovers. This addictive game is suitable for all the age groups. The game can be played with the CPU to take the default chosen color pieces on the carrom board.

To score, the user is required to pocket the same color pieces; if the non color pieces are pocketed, it may lead to a minus score for the users. The interface is very easy; swipe to move the striker and aim the piece to get angle and strike. This game is also available for free of cost and it can be played offline. Download Carrom Board Game on your Android device via Google Play.

Carom Lite

“Carom Lite” is a paid version of the carrom games. It is different from the free carrom games available in the android market. “Carom Lite” is the lighter version of the game. Just like other freebies, it also supports single player or multiplayer mode.

In the single player mode, the user is required to play with the computer, whereas, multiplayer mode allows the users to play with more than one player. The game has some of the realistic features which make it one of the most addictive games in Android. Download Carom Lite via Google Play.

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Android games are simply addictive and that’s the reasons they are liked by many. They are the best companions. Some of these games have high-end graphics (few of them have 3D graphics) which make them the most liked game. Few of the games are available at a cost, while most of them are available for free of cost. The free trial versions entitle users to play games with limited access.

Most of these games have single player, multiplayer and challenges to play which the users can select. The difficulty level can be set as easy, medium and difficult depending on the user’s preference. There are training guides available for beginners.

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Check out the list of 5 best apps to Play Carrom on Android Phones, i.e. 5 best Carommboard apps for Android.
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