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Looking for Google AdSense Alternatives? Discover it by going through Qadabra review, payment proof, details and other details regarding Qadabra aka AdsGadget.

For many people Google AdSense is a distant dream, but you shouldn’t be dejected as there exists many alternatives that you can try. One such alternative is Qadabra also known to people as AdsGadget. It’s owned by Marimedia Ad Network which we used it few years back. In this piece of writing we have reviewed Qadabra with details like publisher requirements, earning, payment proof and my verdict at last.Qadabra reviewQadabra review

Qadabra Publisher Requirements

Simple things first. Joining with Qadabra is simple and easy as they have minimum requirement to be fulfilled. Sign up using your Gmail account and get verified by confirmation link to your email, you are ready to move next.

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Qadabra deals with Banner ads only, so no text ads are seen anywhere. Go to New Placement and provide website URL, Name of placement, ad unit size, category and accept the terms, you are ready to make revenue from your blog. They support banner ad formats 120 x 600, 160×600, 300×250, 468×60, 728×90, pop-up and pop-under.( Pop-ups & Pop-unders can boost profits by 500% but I recommend not to select them because I believe readers satisfaction on a page).

Method of Working & Traffic Accepted

Qadabra is not particular a CPM or CPC or affiliate site but its mix of all. So you never know how much you earn for 1000 impressions. They accept traffic from all countries around the world although traffic from top tier countries means you will have higher eCPM rate.


Once you login through Qadabra, you will have three tabs namely – Placements, Reports and Earning. At reports tab you can check out your earning by day, weeks, months, by channels, by website and Earning reports shows payment completed and earning generated at your account.

Payout Details

They pay you by PayPal and Payoneer once you reach USD 1.00 and you need to wait for at least 45 days as payment are done on the basis of NET45. So if you reached $1 in any day of March 2013, you will be paid by May 15, 2013.

Payment Proof

Readers don’t believe it until they see payment proof. The following are the payment proof details –

Qadabra – My Verdict

I am using Qadabra since December 2012 and since then I might not have generated a large number of USD to make me rich but those earning are valuable to me since those early days I wasn’t using AdSense. I love their support by email as they are prompt and give response in 24 hours. The ad codes are free from Trojan, virus, nudity and it doesn’t redirect pages. Their only drawbacks is lower eCPM rate of about $0.02 to $0.05 per thousand impression in my case but that could be different for different publishers depending upon visitors performance.

Last but not least, I would recommend you to use Google AdSense and it can also work along with AdSense as well.

Suggestion From Our End: We hope that Qadabra in near future implements affiliate programs paying users for referring people.

And your questions please!

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